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5 bad Habits that Makes your Belly fats | Not Do That | How to Not be Explain


5 bad Habits that Makes your Belly fats


Helo every one today we are going to reveal the habits that will quickly make you fat. There are lots of things you can do to gain weight if you can keep doing.  The whole process is so much harder. You don’t want to sabotage your weight loss efforts by unknowingly making these habits in yourdaily life. It is the right things that quickly make you fat so let’s save your time and effort. This will also help to speed up the weight loss process and more important keep the fat off long term.

1. Eating and Watching TV 

The first thing bad habit is eating while watching TV. It is probably the nunber one cause of eating excess calories. It is proved the research  by the Akerican Journal of  Clinical Nutrition revealed . according to the research that the person eating  50% more calories lets face it. When some one eating and watching TV or Laptop or something else distracting  you are not paying attention to what you are eating you’re more focused on the TV show. So you just keep you know eating, snacking and drinking you are not mindful.

2. Drinking too much Calories

The second bad thing bad habit is drinking in a calories. Drinking in a calories is a big problem because it only takes a couple minutes to have. You know glass of juice or soda or you know some kind of a shake or any other liquid that is loaded with lots of calories. Now eating real food will causes a thermogenic effect. Thus increasing body temperature and your metabolism also drinks are typically loaded with lots of sugars which spikes up your insulin levels and  increases belly fat.

3. Sitting at One Place

Third the most important problem is not moving enough. Most people just sit all day at their work or on the their car. Some one sitting behind a computer while eating. If you take exercise or take 20 to 30 minute walk then it will increases the metabolism. It will also improve the hormone and reduces cravings.


4. Sleeping too much

Sleeping too much is the cause of belly fat. When some sone sleep more than 7 hour  per night he will gain wieght enough. Sleeping too much have a lot risky for healthy life. It is proved through research that rest of body and mind will distrub whole system.  If you take too short sleep or sleeping too much you gain more wieght than the normal person. It increase your weight round about 5 to 6 years of period.  It will also increases the risk of diabetes due to long sleeping.

5. Dehydration

Finally the five number is not drinking enough water.  It is the worst habits. People don’t drink enough water and walking around dehydrated. This habit make them worst most. People also take caffeine products whether it is coffee or energy drinks and these things make fattty.  It is the reason that when your more dehydrated then your more tired and fatigued. This causes you to move less and brun less calories. Drinking cold water also causes a thermogenic effect.  When you drink water especially beofre meal also reduces hunger, pains and cravings. It also prevents you from drinking other caloric liquids which  i mention in preveous paragraph.


There are some prevention for oversleeping. Some of theme are given below.

  • Must have the true meaning of life you know about what  can you do in your life. This will keep you active sharp.
  • Keep modern technology e.g computer, TV away from you when you sleep so that you wake fresh in morning.
  • Eat breakfast within 30 minute after awaken.
  • Set the alarm when alarm ring you have to wake up at that time not to sneeze .
  • Sleep at the same time daily and also wake up at the same time in routine.
  • Dont sleep at 4 pm.


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