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6 Best Juices to cure for Low Blood Pressure (Hypertension)


Today we are going to discuss hypertension means low blood pressure. Blood pressure of normal human being is 120/80 hg. 120 is our upper blood pressure that means when our heart shrinks. The pressure with which blood reaches to the all other parts of the body, that upper blood pressure.  In normal human its 120 after that when heart relax or open up again. The pressure with which blood comes back to the heart that low pressure is 80. If your Blood Pressure is not 120/80 rather its 110/70. You need not to worry, its not counted as a low blood pressure. Lots of people has this BP 110/70 throughout their life. When your BP is less than 100 and the lower figure is lower than 60. That means your are suffering from the problem of low blood pressure. What are the problem that comes with low blood pressure. Blood does not get supplies to all the parts of the body. Due to this all the parts of the body do not get proper oxygen. So due to this lots of problems can come.  There are some juices, if we consume theme regularly. Then the problem of low blood pressure will be cured.


  1. Carrot Juice

 If we take a glass of carrot juice and mix with one tea spoon of honey with an empty stomach. We will get get relief in the problem of low blood pressure.

2. Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice is also very beneficial. Take 8- 10 tomatoes and prepare a glass of tomato juice. also add 1/4 tea spoon pepper powder and 1/2 tea spoon black salt or any regular salt. If we consumed this juice once a day, then we will get relief in the problem of low blood pressure.

3. Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice, it has too much of energy and has level of sugar in it. So it quite energetic drink. Generally low blood pressure causes dehydration. So if we are suffering from low blood pressure get some Black Salt, Mint Leaves and ginger in it. Since it can’t be made at home and generally when we get it from market. So we can tell the vendor to add some lemon juice, ginger and mint leaves in it and prepare the juice. If he does so and we could add little bit of black salt in it. Then its very much beneficial to cure you low blood pressure. It also cures in the problem of dehydration and it gives lot of energy. Because due to low blood pressure we feel lethargic. If we consume sugarcane juice then it will remove the lethargy and also solve the problem of low blood pressure.

4.Gooseberry juice

Gooseberry juice is also very beneficial. Take 2 gooseberry and grate them with the help of mixer or grinder. Sieve the mixture in a cloth and extract its juice. Add 1 tea spoon honey and if you will consume this juice once in day. Then the problem of low blood pressure will solved but make sure you take it regularly.

5. Dates with Milk

Dates with Milk Take 8-10 dates, chopped them and boil them in milk. Drink that milk and chew that dates. If you can not do this remedy then you can have dates and drink Luke warm milk along with. This will normalize your blood pressure and you will feel energetic too.

6. Almond

Almond take 7 almond and soak them for overnight, next morning peel and grind them. Once the almond paste is ready, boil it with 1 glass of milk. You can add some honey in it and consume this milk.


  1. Four to five servings of this juice must be consumed every week to find the desired result. Use these circumspectly however, while they may lower blood sugar, that’s an unhealthy effect in men whose glucose levels are properly balanced.


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