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A Girl From Baluchistan Disguises Herself as a Boy to Become a Boxer


Malaika Zahid won many national awards in his four-year career in boxing. However, in order to achieve this, he had to change his appearance and become a boy.

Getting short hair served him very well. Now people can not identify their sex when she is in the ring. Malika is the daughter of a railway police and the only female boxer in Baluchistan.

He started his coaching at the age of 10. According to her, there was no easy decision as a girl. Being the only girl, she had to prepare herself with the children who did not feel comfortable with her. “So I decided to cut my hair and look like boy,” she says.

She goes to a small club next to Railway Hockey Ground to practice. Her coach, Ghulam Nabi, says if there are separate facilities and a club, more girls can become boxers.

Malaika participated in some ten national competitions, including the Mini Olympic Games, and has been successful in all of these. In fact, she was the best fighter in six of these competitions.

Mailaka says the same people who said that box were not girls, are now proud of her. “When I started boxing, I had a lot of trouble. Some of them still exist, but my parents supported me a lot. I told them I was facing everything.”

In addition, he said he has only played at national level so far. “Now I want to play internationally and win a medal for my country. I’m also training for the Olympic Games and I also hope to win a medal.”

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