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Aamir Khan New Upcoming Movie Secret Superstar | Amir Khan Super Hit Movie 2017


Aamir Khan New Upcoming Movie Secret Superstar. Hello every one today I am going to share all information of Aamir Khan New upcoming Secret Super Star that released in 2017. According to Aamir Khan his new upcoming movie secret super star will be most successful than his previous super hit movie Dangal.

Friends official trailer of Secret Superstar has come few days ago and become viral on internet. In this film once again we have seen Amir khan and Zaira Waseem both together. Already we have seen Amir Khan and Zaira Waseem together in previous super hit film dangal. Few month ago we see teaser of the film. In this teaser Amir Khan come in end but  we understand all the story about movie.

Distributed by Zee Studios Released  on 19 October 2017.

Directed byAdvait Chandan
Produced byAmir Khan, Kiran Rao, Akash Chawla
CastZaira Waseem, Aamir Khan, Meher Vij, Amit Trivedi
ProductionAmir Khan Production
Distributed byZee Studios
Released Date19 October 2017



Lets starts main Review of Movie

In teaser we see Amir khan at the end but trailer start with Amir Khan dabang entry. However, Amir Khan in this movie is not in lead rule. His rule can be as ‘Taare zameen par’ or less than this. In film Amir khan become music Director which is very famous. We see Amir Khan in award show however in real life he did not like to go in award show. Next we see Zaira waseem. The amazing thing about zaira waseem is that she got a chance to work with Amir Khan in her starting career. We did not know she is superstar in this movie but in real life she became a superstar.  Zaira play muslim girl rule her name is “Insoo”. Insoo has in born singing talent. She want to show her talent all over the world. Her mother support for her dream but her father opposed her. When father breaked her Gitar then we understand that how much he opposed her. Insoo has a muslim girl and her father has most conservative that is why he opposed her. When her father damage the Gitar then she talk to her father but he refused completly. We have see father most angry with her. At that time her mother asked her to left her singing dream. We see Insoo very depress. Next we see that Insoo has created a channel on youtube to fullfil her dream.  We see Insoo playing Gitar. She upload video on youtube with burqa and video become viral on social media. Then she met with Amir khan and become a super star



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