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Amazing Benefits of Eating Fruits Mangoes, Java plum and Apple


Amazing Benefits of Eating Fruits Mangoes, Java plum and Apple:   Whatsapp guys  Today we are going share some benefits fruits mangoes, apple and java plum. Lets take that conversation further and let me share the benefits of some fruits.

1. Java Plum 

The first fruit I am going to share is Java Plum. As you all know that java plums are very helpful in fighting with diabetes. So in case anyone is diabetes in your family, you must consume java plum when it is available in the season. As in at time diabetes are hereditary as well. In case any one in you is diabetic then possibles are there, you might also suffer form diabetes. Eat 1 bowl of java plum whenever they are available in the season. It reduces the possibilities of diabetes. Those who are suffering from diabetes, consuming java plums helps to maintain their Blood Glucose level.

        Apart from this java plums helps into cure constipation. So keep consuming java plum and you will have noticeable relief in the problem of constipation. Java plum is also useful for your heart, consuming java plum reduces the possibilities of heart diseases. It is also useful in fighting with cancer. So consuming java plum is highly beneficial to cure any type of disease. Those who have poor short term memory it they keep consuming java plum. This way the problem of short term memory loss will be improved. So keep consuming java plum and have strong memory.

1. Apple


The second fruit is Apple. It is highly helpful in fighting with loose motion, so use it and take relieve from the loose motion.  It is also helpful in fighting in constipation. If digestive system is not working properly eat apple with an empty stomach. Fastly getting relief in the problem of indigestion. It is very good for heart, it protects heart and prevents from heart diseases. It is also good for lungs as it provides strength to lungs. So the people who smokes, should quit smoking and eat an apple daily. As it said that “ ab apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

3. Mango

Next will tell you about  the Hero fruit i.e Mango. It highly improves the digestion power. Once digestive system is working smooth then we will prevent from all types of diseases. Whenever mango is available in the season, and that too any type of mangoes. People who are suffering thyroid, should consume mango as its quite beneficial in thyroid too. It also improve the memory. Consumption of mango reduces the possibilities of cancer. It protects from cancer. As it called hero of all the fruits, thus it has all the qualities of hero itself. It protects from all types of diseases. So these were some fruits benefits.


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