Award of Allowance to Head Teacher and other Supervisor Staff 2018 by CM: Summary Chief Minister Punjab for School Education department. Improvement of School Education has been the top priority of the Government of Punjab.  In this regard a number of initiatives have been taken to improve access, quantity, equity and governance In the School Education sector. ii dangerous buildings, revamping the teethe /training, distribution of quaky books Vme Important initiatives include the provision of missing facilities, reconstruction of the dangerous building, revamping the teacher training, distribution of quality, books,  free of cost, and conduct of assessments/examinations under Punjab Education Commission.

The efforts made by School Education Department under the vision and leadership of Chief Minister Punjab has resulted in increased enrollment and better learning outcomes. These achievements have been recognized by international observers like the Economist and DFID as the best replicable model for the developing world.

The education managers of School Education Department have played a pivotal role In bringing about this Improvement through rigorous monitoring and personal supervision. In this regard, School Education Department has taken a number of disciplinary actions against, non-performing managers and teachers to enforce discipline. However, It is also Imperative to encourage those who have worked hard to improve the education system In Punjab.

It is pertinent to mention here that Assistant Education Officers (AEOs) and District Monitoring Officers (DM0s) are already being paid an allowance at the rate of Rs.25,000 and 50,000 respectively (Annex A&B). On the same corollary and as a gesture of appreciation and encouragement an allowance may also be granted to the Headteachers and Supervisory staff as per the given details:

Here is the Notification 

Award of Allowance to Head Teacher 1
Award of Allowance to Head Teacher and other Supervisor Staff 2018 by CM
Award of Allowance to Head Teacher
Award of Allowance to Head Teacher and other Supervisor Staff 2018 by CM

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