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Bidding Process for Mohmand dam now started


Bidding Process for Mohmand dam now started: A press release revealed that the officials of the Water and Energy Development Authority (WAPDA) manipulated the entire bidding process to grant the contract to the CGGC-Descon joint venture. The report indicates that the aforementioned company has complied with serious deviations in the bidding process of the dam. He said that CGGC-Descon did not offer a supplier credit, which was a requirement in the tender document.

Bidding Process for Mohmand dam now started:-

Bidding Process for Mohmand dam now started
Bidding Process for Mohmand dam now started

The report indicates that it is already the correspondence of a Wapda member appointed by the President of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, the National Assembly and the President of NAB, Islamabad.

In addition, the price of the offer was higher than the approved price of the PC-I. The head injury was also lost. The report also indicated that key WAPDA officials attempted to block several potential bidders from the bidding process.

They establish the highest qualification criteria in the bidding documents. However, they escaped the criteria when they accepted the sole bidder CGGC-Descon. The report concludes that the entire bid evaluation process has been controlled and managed to select the Descon bidder.

But for Mohmanddam, Wapda needed between 88 and 136 percent of the value of the project, compared to 50 to 80 percent of the World Bank and Asian Development Banks for the mega-value project.

The international practice is to make the qualifications reasonable and effective. In addition, the particular rating does not necessarily provide a limited number of offers.

However, Wapda General-General Muzammil Hussain denied the claims and said the information was incorrect.

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