Careem's Captain Was Shot Dead in DHA Karachi

Careem’s Manager Was Shot Dead in DHA Karachi

A Careem manager was shot dead at the Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Karachi.

The incident took place on Saturday near a school on street 8, phase I on DHA. The driver, named Saleem Thaheem, was 40 years old and was found dead in a car near the Dhuktaran i-Awam school.

According to supt. Suhai Aziz, Clifton’s superintendent of police (SP), told the family that Saleem had left his home in Azam Basti on Saturday morning.

Careem’s Captain Was Shot Dead in DHA Karachi

Careem's Captain Was Shot Dead in DHA Karachi
Careem’s Captain Was Shot Dead in DHA Karachi

DHA authorities originally reported the incident at 06:45, saying a body was found at the place mentioned above. The police officer said Saleem was shot twice.

He also excluded the possibility of a theft, such as the driver’s wallet that contains Rs. 5,000 and his two phones were with him.

SP said the victim’s mother and wife were in shock and not sure of a possible motive behind the murder. However, the victim’s son-in-law said they had no enmity with anyone.

According to the official was the victim of the Sanghar district. Police are investigating the case. A recording of the crime scene was taken on the closed-circuit television, but it is vague. However, it shows that the attackers shot Saleem from behind when he was in the car.

It is necessary to point out that there have been several similar incidents in the past. A few months ago, Careem drivers were attacked by unknown armed men. In March 2018, a Careem manager was shot down and the incident was reported by none other than the transport service.

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