CEO Message SIS Verification Alert in 2018

All MEAs will start verification in schools from 25/6/2018.
Daily 5 schools will be checked by MEAs. 
Head Teacher with the teacher dealing SIS will be present in schools. MEAs will check following. This record must be present in schools.
1. Tablet charged and recharged. It must have internet.
3.Student Attendance Register
4.Dakhil Kharij Register
5.Staff Statement
6. All school facilities must be entered in SIS
7. All students must be enrolled in SIS and it should be updated.
8.Complete information regarding NSB/FTF with the latest bank statement.
9. Copy of CNIC of father/Guardian of every student.
No negligence in this regard will be tolerated. AEOs and MEAs will remain present in the field.
Schedules will be taken from MEAs/AEOs.
All Head Teachers/sis dealing teacher is bound to remain in schools from 7:30 to 2.00 on the day per schedule.

CEO Message SIS Verification Alert in 2018
CEO Message SIS Verification Alert in 2018

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