How we get Maximum Output from CPEC | How CPEC Impact on Pakistan Economy | With Pak China Friendship

How we get Maximum Output from CPEC. How CPEC Impact on Pakistan Economy. With Pak China Friendship

China Pakistan Economic Corrider

Now a days, CPEC is massively talking about project in this region. According to majority of thoughts, this can change the fate of region especially the pakistan, which is currently surrounded by plights of huge problems including national security issues and corruption. Majority of us think, that this project will prove blessing for us and we termed this one as game changer in the region.

But on other hand some of us think completely different from all this, having the number of reservations and objections on intervention of china in pakistan. They afraid of due to mixing of cultures or cocktail of culture that may lead to hazardous results or severe social values destruction. They also put argument that the wave of instability may prevail due to intervention of china in pakistan’s domestic setup. They think this will make the whole region prone to several issues.

Despite all above discussion, one thing is clear that pakistan will get a fair benefit from economic point of view. Now our main focus should on that, how we can maximize these benefits?

I do not want to discuss which one is wrong or right, it’s totally on your perception, how you think about this project both socially and economically. May majority have ambiguity about its social impact, but you can’t ignore the economic worth of this project. Therefore I want to highlight the strategy or way through which we can enhance the utilization of this infrastructure.

There are no dual thoughts that infrastructure and corporate sector has great share in country’s progress. But this is optimum time to invest in our agriculture and livestock sector and should take revolutionary steps to re-energize our backbone industry. this is time to develop our farmers and small industries, because through these steps we can increase our production and put huge impact on our exports. CPEC will facilitate these exports by providing the ideal infrastructure to access world’s largest markets. I think that we can make CPEC more effective by utilizing in this sense. if we subsidize our small farmers and small industrialists, that will also bring a uniformity in economic status of the people and will lead to great positive change in society, that would be excellent for social stability.

We should develop our industries, if we want to make this effective more and more, and in pakistan no other industry has much potential like agriculture and livestock. As all of we know that pakistan has an ideal conditions that suited to all kind of agriculture, the population of world increasing devastatingly, especially in asia that demands sustainable agricultural and livestock growth. So, by improving our agriculture sector. We can maximize our benefits through improving our domestic production, otherwise we will only offer market  for number of producers, and we will remain consumers, that will slough off our existence as a nation. Corporate culture will prevail among all sectors and will corrodes our social and moral values.

Now decision is in our own hand either we make this a model dream project for our nation or deadly devastating one.


  1. well This is possible if the corrupts would let it to be possible. The livestock and agrculture sectors are not working already accoding to the SOPs. If some technocrates are still fair The bureaucrats not even let them do their job fairly.


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