CSS, PMS, Educator and AEO 2017-18 Important and Repeated Questions:

Educators and Aeos jobs are announced November 2017. In CSS, PMS, Educator and Aeos 2017-18 NTS, Islamic studies portion is very important. This is most important question for CSS, pms and NTS educator and Aeos. Download Islamic study MCS’s notes for nts educators 2017. In short stduy one liner islamiat notes also very important for css, pms and educators 2017-18. Here is CSS, PMS, Educator and AEO 2017-18 Important and Repeated Questions.


CSS, PMS, Educator and AEO 2017-18 Important and Repeated Questions

1.How many Sura are in Holy Quran?


2. How many Verses are in Holy Quran?


3. How many Raque are in Holy Quran?


4. How many letters are in Holy Quran?


5. How many words are in Holy Quran?


6. How many parts of Holy Quran are ?


7. How many time Besmillah Al-Rahmaan Al-Raheem is repeated?


8. How many Sura start with Besmillah AI-Rahmaan Al-Raheem?


9. The word Quran is repeated in the Holy Quran how many time?


10. The longest Sura of the Holy Quran?


11. Which is the best drink mentioned in Holy Quran?




16. Which letter is used for the lost time in Holy Quran.?


17. Which letter is used for the less time in Holy Quran?


18. Which is the best night mentioned in Holy Quran?

Night of Qadr.

19. Which is the best month mentioned in Holy Quran?


20. Which is the biggest animal mentioned in Holy Quran?


21. Which is the smallest animal rationed in Holy Quran?



23. How many Sura start with alhamdullilah?

Five,  Hamd, Inaam, Kahf, Saba and Fatr.

25. How many Sura’s name is only 1 latter? ?

Three, Qaf, Sad & Noon.

26. How many suras are Makkahi low many are Madni?

Makkahi 86, Madni 28.

27. which sura is on the name is the tribe of Holy Prophet?


28. which the following  sura is the Heart Quran?

Surah Yaseen  


30. Which suras are named Azaiam? 

Sajdah, Fusselat, Najum & Alaq.  

31. Which sura in Quran is on the name war?


32. Which sura is on the name metal ? 

Sura Hadeed

33. which sura does not start with Bismillah?


34.Which sura is called Aroos-ul-Quraan.

Surah Rahman

35. In which Sura Bismallah came twice?

Sura Namal 

38. Which Sura are called Muzetain?

Falk & Nas.
39.Which Sura start with word ‘ Tabara Kallazi’?

Sura Mulk & Furkan

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