CSS Topers Tips to Avoid Mistake during CSS Exam Preparation

CSS Topers Tips to Avoid Mistake during CSS Exam Preparation: First all skipping basic books and fundamental concepts. In our preparation, we do a big mistake by reading some high fi books and skipping the basic book which contains some fundamental concepts. I suggest you don’t do that. First try cover those books properly.

Another mistake we do is that we often lack the clear focus. we did not focus on what kind of optional. what we take how do we want to prepare. what kind of preparation do we want? we must try to focus on the examination. we must make a proper plan this would be a big help.

Another mistake that we do often do not make effective notes. Note making is one of the important factors for the success in this examination. when you are reading stuff in your own reading e.g. current affairs or different books you make proper notes. so that you can revise from those notes later.

Another mistake is we choose optional with other advice. we don’t put much of our own mind into making these decisions. what you do is try to analyze on your own which subject you most interested. Do not choose subject blindly on somebody else’s advice.

Other Mistake is we do not solve much of previous years question. you must try to solve previous questions as many as you can. mistake that we do we do not  say the most for this is more true for those candidates who are appearing in the repeated attempts who have not cleared in their first attempt.

We have to overlook the mistakes that we often make. Due to this the result is our dude right analyze. What are the weaknesses where did you not score well. After trying to identify those loopholes try to fill in those gaps first before starting things from scratch again

Another mistake  is giving less importance to FPSC Syllabus for CSS exam. We start reading books from cover to cover without giving much thought. what is important which is required from the exam point of view. CSS syllabus must be the first choice of your preparation. When you follow syllabus It makes your preparation focused. For example when you read Newspaper there is too much information there. What should read what not to read. It is not important how much you read important is how much you are carry to the examination hall.

Another mistake is that we do not revise. Revising is the key to success. You don’t keep reading one book after other. Whatever you are reading revise those things periodically and properly. Another important things is that we often don’t unreal eyes the importance of getting into different modes. For example getting into examination mode is very important. Do not read too much new stuff try to revise solve a lot of mock tests.

Last things that I discuss  is you know many of us have technology maybe online blogs or maybe online notes. Technology these days has lot of information. Good and focused study can also be done using internet based tools so try to use them. I think this is fairly some of the basic mistakes that we often do. I would suggest that you must be careful about them.

My best wishes to all of you.




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