Current Affair MCQs for CSS, PMS and Educators Aeos 2017-18 – NTS test preparation

Current Affair MCQs for CSS, PMS and Educators Aeos 2017-18 NTS test: Educators jobs announced in November 2017. Here is complete Current Affair MCQs for CSS, PMS and Educators Aeos 2017-18 NTS test.

Current Affair MCQs for CSS, PMS and Educators Aeos 2017-18 NTS test

1= Currently default font for MS word is? Calibri (2007) Previously it was Times New Roman (According to JIT, Maryam Nawaz presented fake documents pretended to be signed in 2006, because they were typed in Calibri font and in fact, Calibri fo start publically on 30 January 2017.

2= Kashmir’s Martyr’s day is commemorated on? 13th July 1931

3= Current Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan is? Sardar Raza

4= Current Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee is??  Zubair Mahmood Hayat

5= CASA energy project ( worth $1.16 billion ) is b/w which two regions?  Central Asia and South Asia

6= Capital of Kyrgyzstan is? Bishkek

7= Which Muslim minority is continuously subjected to brutality in Myanmar?  Rohingya

8= Current US vice president is?  Mike Pence

9= When GCC( Gulf Cooperation Council ) was formed? 25th May ( 1981 )

10= Current secretary general of GCC is? Abdul Latif Bin Rashid Al Zayani

11= Total members of GCC are?  6 ( Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE)

12= Capital of southeast European country Serbia is?  Belgrade

13= For Panama case, JIT( Joint Investigation Team ) was formed on?  25th May, 2017

14= Governer State Bank is?  Tariq Bajwa

15= Who was the first recipient of Nishan e Haider?  Capt. Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed

16= Last recipient of Nishan e Haider, whose death anniversary was commemorated on 7th July? Hawaldar Lalak Jan Shaheed

17= How many people have received Nishan e Haider till to the date?  Total: 11 including Hilal e Kashmir(which is equal to Nishan e Haider)

18= How many people have received Hilal e Kashmir till to the date?  only 1 (Saif Janjua)

19= UNSC ( UN Security Council ) has imposed sanctions on which militant group in Pakistan?  Jamat ul Ahrar

20= 12th anniversary of London attacks-2005 has been commemorated on?  7th July ( The incident is also called 7/7 )

21= Capital of Argentina is? Buenos Aires ( Currency is Pesu )

22= Which Urdu writer’s death anniversary was commemorated on 10th July? Ahmad Nadeem ( Whose famous books are: Kapas Ka Phool, Jamal o Jalal, Dasht e Wafa ) Sannata, Rim Jhim ) 

23= Head of JIT( Joint Investigation Team) in Panama case was?  Wajid Zia ( Additional DG FIA )

24= On world’s corruption index 2017, Pakistan’s rank is?  117 out 168

25= Capital of Australia? Canberra ( Currency: Australian Dollar )

26= Total members of OIC ( Organization of Islamic Cooperation) are?  57

27= Current DG ISPR is?  Gen. Asif Ghafoor

28= When OIC ( headquarter in Jeddah ) was formed?  September 2nd, 1969

29= Currently Qatar has signed a deal with US to combat?  Financing Terrorism

30= Recently, OIC held its which session of Council of foreign ministers and where? 44th session  at Ivory Coast ( Cote d Ivoire )

31= OIC announced cooperation with?  Kashmir Freedom Movement and said: “it can’t be equated with terrorism”

32= UNFPA stands for (UN Fund for Population Activities) established in?  1966, Headquarter is in New York Current name is: UN Population Fund

33= World population day was celebrated on? 11th July 2017

34= Malaysia’s current Army Chief is?  Gen Dato Siri Zulkiple Bin Haji Kassim

35= PPP was found in 1967, while PTI was found in? April 25th, 1996

36= Capital of Ukraine is?  Kiev and its currency is Hryvnia

37= Which country has recently announced to expel 30 US diplomats, because of US sanctions on it? Russia

38= Recently, which Antarctic ice shelf has been broken off and a large ice burg have been released? Larsen C ice shelf

39= Current foreign ministry spokesperson of China is?  Hua Chuying Capital of Uganda is? Kampala ( Currency: Shilling )

40= Which woman cricketer has set the record of highest runs made by any woman in ODI cricket matches?  Mithali Raj ( Indian woman cricket team captain )

41= To which country, China has sent its troops to establish its first overseas military base?  Djibouti on 13th July?  713th

42= Name of the ex-president of Brazil has been sentenced 10 years to prison due to money laundering and corruption?  Lula da Silva

43= Capital of Sierra Leon is? Freetown ( Currency: Leone )

44= Current Canadian High-Commissioner ( Ambassador ) to Pakistan is? Perry Calderwood

45= Bastille Day ( French National Day ) is celebrated on?  14th July (Bastille was a fortress and a political prison near Paris)

46= Which Chinese writer, critic and human rights activist a Nobel Prize laureate(2010) died on 13th July 2017?  Liu Xiaobo

47= Which country’s parliament has passed a bill to take control over appointments of the top judiciary? Poland

48= Capital of Poland is? Warsaw ( Currency: Zloty )

49= Which Pakistani cricketer has been awarded a lifetime membership of MLC (Maryland Cricket Club)?  Misbah ul Haq

50= Capital of Ethiopia is? Addis Ababa ( Currency: Bin )

51= Current ambassador of Uzbekistan to Pakistan is?  Furkat Sidkov

52= Current MP of Azad Kashmir is?  Raja Farooq Haider

53= The only woman to win Math’s highest award Fields Medal (Nobel Prize of Mathematics)? Maryam Mirzakhani ( Recently died on 16th July) Which countries are part of horns of Africa? Eriteria, Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia

54= Total number of ASEAN( Association of South East Asian Nations ) ?  10

55= Where is Headquarter of ASEAN situated? Jakarta ( Indonesia )

56= Which politics expert recently has to eat his book when his prediction on Brexit went wrong? Matthew Goodwin

57= According to ATP(Association of Tennis Professionals) ranking, who is world’s best player? Andy Murray

58= Disputed boundary between India(Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India) and China (South Tibet) is known as? Mac Mohan Line (it was established in 1914 )

59= Total length of Mac Mohan line is?  890 km or 550 miles

60= European Union Ambassador to Pakistan is?1  Jean Francois

61= Current president of Azad Kashmir is? Sardar Masood Khan Nairobi is the capital of?  Kenya ( Currency: Shilling )

62= Where has a large reserve of oil and has been recently discovered in Pakistan?  Tando Muhammad Khan ( District of Sindh )

63= Name of the Pakistan Military’s recently launched massive operation against terrorist? Khyber-4 ( under the operation Radd ul Fasad )

 64= World’s Youth Skills day was celebrated on?  15th July

65= Operation Khyber-4 has been launched against terrorist hiding in which area?  Rajgal and Shawal Valley

66= Which US-Chinese dual national citizen has been sentenced to 10 years prison by Iran, due to charges of espionage?  Xiyue Wang ( a 37 years researcher at Princeton University )

67= Current French foreign minister is?  Jean Yves Le Drian ( who recently visited Qatar to resolve crisis)

68= Total length of LoC( Line of Control ) is? 740 km or 460 miles

69= Capital of Myanmar is?  Naypyidaw ( Currency: Kyat )

70= LOC was initially known as Cease-File-Line, later renamed as Loc in Shimla Agreement in?  2nd July 1972 ( between Zulfiqar Bhutto and Indra Ghandi)

71= Mamnoon Hussain is Pakistan’s?  12th President

72= Headquarters of organizations situated in Geneva? 1.0 UNCTAD 2.E WIPO 3. WTO 4. INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS 5. UNHCR 6. ILO ( INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION )

73= Headquarters of Organizations situated in? Paris: UNESCO Rome Food and Agriculture Organization Hague: LiceInternational Court.of Justice 


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