DC Gujranwala Sohail Tipu Murder or Suicide by Todayaffair forum

DC Gujranwala Sohail Tipu Murder or Suicide by Todayaffair forum: Deputy commissioner of Gujranwala Sohail Ahmed tipu died this very morning. Did he committed suicide or he was murdered according to a plan this is why the police have expanded the investigation. And by the exposure made by one of his servants to the police, this case has now become mysterious. DCO Gujranwala Mysterious death is being investigated and the police sources tell that around 3:30 am at night he was having a talk with his mother and in the next room his father was sleeping, Sohail told her mom that there is a goat on the roof so don’t be worried about the voice coming from there, after having this talk with his mother he went into his room  .

The next morning an operator from DCO called Ahmed Sohail but he didn’t responded and then the operator called Sohail’s mother and stated that he has been calling Mr. Sohail but he isn’t receiving any of his calls. So when his mother called him over his mobile phone but upon not attending her call she went to his room and opened the door, what she was the dead body of her son hanging from the ceiling fan.

According to police, both the hands of Sohail Ahmed were tied. The dead body of his has been shifted to DHQ for postmortem. All the servants of the DCO house have been arrested and due to this mysterious death, the investigations will be widely spread . According to media reports, his death being termed mysterious is the reason of the investigation being started. Each of the aspect of the story are under consideration that whether he commited suicide or was murdered cold blooded .

According to the security gaurd and one of the servant , he sohail ahmed stayed up all night and after offering the morning prayer he went to his room . Sohail had also applied for a 15-day leave . He lived in Arifwala and was appointed DCO Gujranwala 4 months ago. He was living in DC house with his mother . His family which consists of 3 daughters and a son are living in lahore . He has also served 2 years as Additional secretary finance. The police is confident that the reason of his death will soon be known.


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