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Digital Economy Can Produce 4 Million Jobs Increase GDP to $50 Billion in Pakistan


Digital Economy Can Produce 4 Million Jobs Increase GDP to $50 Billion in Pakistan. The digital economy in Pakistan can benefit from the country’s great potential, its system human resources to raise the value of GDP to an ambitious $ 50bn / year level, according to a study by the Chamber. of Commerce and Industry overseas (OCCI). ) that proposed recommendations and action plans to government and all relevant stakeholders.
Pakistan’s digital participating statistics are currently behind regional economies; but the potential for improvement is enormous, as we are among the fastest growing mobile markets worldwide, with over 150 million mobile subscribers representing 73% of teledensity and about 156 million people without internet.
To keep the current developments in the ICT in perspective and the fact that we still need to take important steps in this direction, the following recommendations need to be prioritized and urgently needed.
Providing digital skills to the workforce: we have a unique opportunity to reduce the digitally skilled workforce currently seen in many countries.
Improve financial inclusion for people at the bottom of the pyramid: a more financially inclusive economy can generate a GDP increase of $ 36 billion a year and create 4 million additional jobs for 2025.
Establish a national center for the development of blockchain technologies: this new technology is already improving transparency, reducing inefficiency and reducing theft in tax collection.

Implement a strategic integral integration of media authority with the advertising of the only basic and unconditional policies: it is essential to determine the integration policies and the effectiveness of the protocols of the crisis and ecosystemic digital Floresca.
Establishable at the center of the logic block.

Activate Digital Entrepreneurship: Creating special economic zones for IT can create jobs for even 100,000 to 300,000 knowledge workers in the country.
Expand the scope of broadband services: Broadband is the digital world oxygen and addressing its supply rapidly can boost our GDP by $ 10-15 billion a year.
Transforming public services through “digital governance”: this is a proven way to improve public service provision while increasing government transparency.


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