Dubai and UAE Unknown Secrets You need to know in 2018

Dubai and UAE Unknown Secrets You need to know in 2018: Hello everyone today I will tell you the secrets of Dubai, and by this, I mean that it will be something that people don’t know about and its hidden till now as I will tell you about it. Dubai is a unique place and so are the people living in Dubai. Here is the complete detail of Dubai and UAE Unknown Secrets You need to know in 2018.

Dubai and UAE Unknown Secrets You need to know in 2018:-

Dubai and UAE Unknown Secrets
Dubai and UAE Unknown Secrets You need to know in 2018

Plus the buildings in Dubai are also unique which the world knows better. So starting with the things the first one is if someone wants to own a pet, they will probably buy a cat or a dog, but in Dubai its something totally

different, the people of Dubai rather like to keep dangerous animals as their pets that’s why they have pets like cheetah, lions and tigers.  Usually, we love to play on the football grounds or in cricket grounds but the people of Dubai like to play inside the Tylus Aklas and this is seriously craziness. People generally ride bikes or horses but if you encounter someone having a ride on a lion then be sure that he is in Dubai. The people of Dubai like to buy expensive things and there is a famous saying in Dubai that earn that much which makes you feel that Dubai is cheap. Car delivery in Dubai is too mainstream now and is even delivered through helicopters. Even if the building is a 100 story there is no problem delivering your car there and most importantly there is accidental coverage in car delivering too . As Dubai is surrounded by desert so its cold at night. In our country and even in other countries people like to wear gold made jewelry, but in Dubai, its something else, the people of Dubai like to ride in cars made of gold. Its a usual sight for the people of Dubai to see gold cars driving all over the city.

in our country, the toilet seats are made of ceramic but in Dubai, this is also different, they have their toilet seats made up of gold, even the mobile phones are made up of gold, they have their utensils made from a special type of diamond. Every kind of super sports car is in Dubai. There are many other things too in Dubai which is not anywhere in the world. if you somehow get the money then do visit Dubai.

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