Home World #GoBackModi is trending in India

#GoBackModi is trending in India

#GoBackModi is trending in India
#GoBackModi is trending in India

#GoBackModi is trending in India: The Indians are twittering with criticism of their prime minister Narendra Modi and using #GoBackModi in their tweets.

The people of India also criticize him for abusing the Indian army for political purposes.

Its very unfortunate that the BJP government misusing our armed services for political gains. Which is alarming and extremely dangerous for the people, region and the world. #GoBackModi

The #GoBackModi is the most important trend in India. Narendra Modi will visit the state of Tamil Nadu. But citizens do not receive it and show their criticism of their tour.

An Indian shared the image on Twitter in which the international media condemned the Indian claims of attacking a terrorist camp in Pakistan.

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