Home Mobile Good News:Samsung, Huawei and Nokia Want to Make Phones in Pakistan

Good News:Samsung, Huawei and Nokia Want to Make Phones in Pakistan


Samsung, Huawei and Nokia want to start manufacturing phones in Pakistan.According to a local newspaper, the government has decided to formulate a new mobile manufacturing policy.

Good News:Samsung, Huawei and Nokia Want to Make Phones in Pakistan

Good News:Samsung, Huawei and Nokia want to phones in Pakistan
Good News:Samsung, Huawei and Nokia want to phones in Pakistan

M / s Samsung, M / s Huawei and M / s Nokia want to start manufacturing in Pakistan due to lower labor salaries compared to China, informed informed sources in EDB newspaper.

High Labor Costs in China:-

Labor pay in China is very high, ie 5,000 CNY (105,000 PKR) for unskilled workers and 20,000 CNY (420000 PKR) for technical manpower, while the labor force is available in Pakistan with very low salaries.

In addition, they said mobile devices consist of nearly 60 parts manufactured by suppliers / secondary suppliers. Moving the congregation costs about Rs. 2 billion.

According to the report, it was revealed at a meeting of mobile manufacturers in Pakistan and representatives of the Federal Council of Revenue (FBR), the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) and EDB held 31 January 2019.

Norman Khalid, Director of the PTA, informed participants that due to the registration of the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), local manufacturing of mobile devices has increased.

Importing Semi Knock Down Units:-

It recommended that the Ministry of Industry and Production (MoI & P), in conjunction with relevant stakeholders, formulate a policy to encourage local manufacturing of mobile devices. Initially, the Semi-knock Down SKD meeting should be encouraged using fee-based incentives, according to the report.

However, the benefits offered at the SKD meeting must have a maximum limit, which is 22 months. The case study of India can be followed as an example. In addition, he added that incentives should be given to 3G / 4G mobile devices.

Companies Currently Assembling Phones in Pakistan:-

According to Mansoor Khan, the benefits offered to the industry in 2015 and currently 23 mobile phone companies in Pakistan, of which 15 are in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, are mainly due to tax holidays offered to the industry in AJK.

He suggested that tax plans be formulated according to the manufacturing and classification of the industry.A representative of FBR said the government had announced amendments to encourage manufacturing based on CKD and the import of mobile devices into SKD and CBU form.

Working on a Policy:-

DGM’s policy in charge of Asim Ayaz showed that EDB’s policy team is working on a mobile policy and hoped that Pakistan would soon have the same success as that of the automotive sector.

After a detailed discussion, the meeting decided that EDB would contact local manufacturers to prepare a mobile device concept device to promote local mobile device manufacturing, initially as SKD compilation and then as CKD compilations.In this sense, the industry will submit proposals to EDB.

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