Google Chrome Update
Google Chrome Update

Google Chrome is the browser of the American technology giant that is highly sought after.

Google regularly updates Chrome, with new numbered versions of the client arriving approximately every six weeks.

Before you enter new iterations, Google usually specifies the browser’s browser features for official implementation.

Google insisted that version 71 of Chrome, which is expected to arrive in December, will show warnings for certain sites offering subscription services.

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The Mountain View firm emphasized that warnings will appear on pages with insufficient mobile subscription information in an effort to prevent users from taking “surprising costs.

When explaining the following change, Google said: “Every month, millions of Chrome users find pages with insufficient mobile subscription information.

The surprising cost of unclear communication is a bad experience for the user. Therefore, Chrome will display a warning for these pages from Chrome 71 (December 2018) so users can make informed decisions when signing in to subscription services based on mobile devices.

Users will be given the option to go to the page or return if they did not know they have entered an invoice page.

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