Google Pixel 2 Android Smart Phone Review | Pixel 2 Powerful Display with Unique Design

Google Pixel 2 Android Smart Phone Review

Today we are going to talk about Pixel 2 you sure love it. If your planning to buy Pixel 2 mobile phone then your at the right place. Today we are talking about its like, dislike and worth and every thing that you want to know.

Lets start  reviews with the screen because that’s mostly what you are looking. It is a 5-inch large version and  6 inch version depending on what you like. It has 1920 x 1080 panel or it’s a 6-inch 2880 x 1440 panel. Both screens look really nice this time. I was not a fan of the screen technology on the last Pixel phones but these look really nice. They don’t get that bright but when you go outside you notice that they will work in direct sunlight, which is quite nice to say and also the black levels are incredible as you would expect from an OLED panel. The colors are bright and vibrant. The whites are incredibly white. So pretty impressed with screen technology.

Next lets talk about design. This is a category that’s becoming increasingly important for every one. It a big way how phones differentiate themselves from each other. How they look and how they feel. That is not a pretty picture from a design standpoint, with the Pixel 2. It is becoming even harder to understand why they would go with that really antiquated design for the Pixel. It’s a way better looking phone, still retaining the front facing speakers of its smaller brother but in a way better package.

A couple things that I don’t like about the build, and this is on both phones, you clearly feel where the screen goes into the body. There is definitely a ridge there and dust is getting caught. I should at least talk a little bit about durability cause while I was testing this phone without a case.  I dropped it on concrete and I didn’t have any cracks,scratches, or any issue at all. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, and it works really well, easy to see information at a glance.

You also see that google moved the search bar to the bottom.  It is easier to reach with your thumb. Another things that’s new to Android 8.0 is notification dots. I initially thought that was just a fancy way of showing notifications.

Now we talk about camera. It is what’s been the big deal with the Pixel line of phones. Google said when the first Pixel came it has the best camera ever, and they said it again when the Pixel 2 came out with Best Camera Ever!

So battery is one of the few areas where these phones differ. You’ve got a 2700 mAh in the Pixel 2 and a 3520 mAh in the Pixel 2 XL. As you would expect from pretty decent sized batteries, battery life is going to be pretty good on both. No issues with battery life at all.

You get smart storage, unlimited photo storage with Google Photos, you get guaranteed software updates. They are priced pretty well and pretty competitively compared to the competition, but there is a lot of negatives here as well.

  1. You’re not getting expandable storage.
  2. You’re not getting a headphone jack.
  3. You’re not getting wireless charging.



Are you disappointed?

I want to know why you’re picking one up and why you are not. Leave it in the comments below.



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