Google Pixel 3 XL Will Have A NOTCH or Not See here: Hello, guys today we are going to share the specifications and features of Pixel 3. It is made google and has the most amazing feature that I have never seen before on any mobile before. Google Launch this phone in this year. But Google announced this phone in October. Google pixel 3 did not announce the confirm date but soon it will be available in the market. This also the good review of google pixel 3. Google pixel 3 predictions that come with the announcement of the phone are available completely.

Google Pixel 3 XL Will Have A NOTCH or Not See here:-

Google Pixel 3 XL Will Have A NOTCH
Google Pixel 3 XL Will Have A NOTCH or Not See here

Mobile phone not available but a leaked photo of the screen protector shows that the pixel 3xl will feature a not smaller model. But it will have a proper top and bottom vessels. It will also be at smaller ones than last year Google adopting. We hear from every other Android manufacturer is very disappointing. You will also honest that they’re the second most valued brand in the world.

So from all these matters, it was expected that Google will produce the more original design. Every other Android manufacturer is doing said that the pixel folds are typically purchased by the most hardcore Android fans outside. They want a pure Android experience and they also want to get big software updates.

They have released not six months later Google’s own pixel phones are the only way to make either of those things happen of course as I understand it correctly hardcore. Android fans also have something else in common.

They hate anything that Apple does so not good become a problem for Google. We hope there won’t be any Hardware differences between the two. So people who don’t want the nods can opt for the smaller version. It is said we can see that there is an additional hole at the top of the screen protectors possibly hinting at the old friend cameras.

But if I were to guess it could be for some kind of fancy AI power face because Google has shown it doesn’t need them for portrait mode effects. Also, both phones would have two speakers on the front just like their predecessors and both of them will have what appears to be the pretty significant bottom.

The pixel 3 excels not also seemed to be pretty significant possibly even thicker than the 10th notch.

Google will likely introduce the pixel 3 during an event this October. So there’s plenty of time to see more pixel 3.

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