Gulf crisis and isolated Qatar

Now a days middle east’s most burning issue is Qatar crisis, the countries in gulf cooperation including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and UAE have boycotted Qatar by blaming him as a nation that supporting and funding terrorist activities. they summoned back their ambassadors and representatives from Qatar. All gulf countries surrounding this small land regions trying to suffocate this. On the basis of these realities the economists thought that, this will cause huge loss to Qatar’s economics and they also predicted that stock market can fell upto 7.2%, now the consequences are seeming obvious.

Qatar is a gulf country, that shares the borders with Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain and UAE. Qatar is also a member of Gulf cooperation. in the past decades Qatar not remained so influential and economical strong, so it always behaved like a puppet of Saudi arabia. But after that Qatar has discovered the gas reservoirs in their country, that are the world’s biggest reservoirs. Due to this great natural resource qatar’s economy getting better with passing time and they become economical stable in that region within no time.

And now the economic stable and powerful Qatar wants to devise it’s own free foreign policy and recently one of the Qatar’s leader criticized the Saudi arabia’s behavior towards iran, that ignited the Saudi arabia and his allies, this is main reason behind the induced suffocation of Qatar. Some analysts and critics thought that Qatar wants good relations with iran and Russia also, because Qatar feels that he should improve the economy by maintaining peaceful relations with these countries whom Saudi arabia and America don’t like. There are also a number of factors that induced the gulf countries to go for boycott.

  1. Desire of good Relations with iran
  2. Support of the Palestinian movement against Israel
  3. Support of Libya civilian movement

One thing is evident here that after getting their economy on pinnacle, now Qatar wants to free himself from the policies that are being devised by the Saudi arabia. Now, if we look this matter with deep insight and then we may predict that would be dangerous for middle east region that’s already in condition of turmoil and absurdity. This issue will give more blow to pre-existing fire that may burn out middle east more ferociously. This will create more gap and misunderstandings in region creating an ugly situation leading towards the uncertainty and confusion.

This is also type of proxy war, that never let the arabs to feel unite and make the region peaceful. History again would be able to repeat itself this time in gulf countries resulting in bloody sheds and mass destruction. I think that here Saudi arabia should think with brevity, behave like mature and should understand the matter that, now Qatar is no more his puppet with feeble economy. Instead Qatar has 2nd stronger economy of world, and he wants to make his decisions on their own. So, dictating the old puppet may lead to mass destruction. This will also affect the economy of all region.



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