Hassan Askri Rizvi take Oath as caretaker CM Punjab

Hassan Askari Rizvi take Oath as caretaker CM Punjab: Professor Hassan Askari Rizvi on Friday take Oath as the interim prime minister of the Punjab Pakistan today.

The governor of Punjab, Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana, administered the oath in the House of the Governor.

The decision is pending from the previous week, now the Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP) selected Hassan Askri’s name from the four proposed by the government of Pakistan  Muslim League N (PML-N) and the opposition of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) selected.

From Rizvi, columnist Ayaz Amir, Admiral Zakaullah and judge (retired) Sahir Ali, the PML-N refused for his two candidates.  At the press conference Thursday, the Pakistan Muslim League N (PMLN) rejected Hassan Askri ‘s nomination. The Election Commision Pakistan has rejected the PML-N reservations on this nomination.

According to reports, Askari rejected the demand of PML-N saying that their opinions and opinions were impartial. That’s why they rejected the appointment of Hassan Askari but has also exhorted him to resign voluntarily to prevent the next general election from becoming the next. The interim CM of Punjab said it would guarantee free and fair elections

The previous government Called for his nomination, Askari said his main responsibility was to support the PCA in holding free and fair elections that no political party considered objectionable in any sense.



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