Home Health Some Surprising Health Benefits Vegetables Beans, Mushrooms and Sweet Potatoes

Some Surprising Health Benefits Vegetables Beans, Mushrooms and Sweet Potatoes


Some Surprising Health Benefits Vegetables Beans, Mushrooms and Sweet Potatoes:

Vegetables is very useful for health as we take it daily as our meal. Many years ago no one know about the vegetables when hunter came in different part of the world. they take our the the seed and the concept of agriculture is developed. Some vegetable that is useful for health are given in detail below.

1. Beans

First of all we look  in this category all types of beans. There are different types beans including Cluster Beans, French Beans, Long Beans, Flat Beans. All these beans contains lot of fiber in it. Fiber has lot of benefits in itself. Fiber helps to get rid of constipation.If any one suffering from indigestion, eat beans. It is good for our digestive system because it contains soluble and insoluble fiber. It will keep the digestive system warm in strait forward. When our digestive system is slow we enjoy with our feeling. After indigestion, it starts working on reduction of weight. People who want to do weight loss they must eat beans.

      It is also very helpful in reducing cholesterol. So people with high cholesterol, must start consuming all types of beans. It is also very helpful to maintain the blood sugar level. So any one are suffering from diabetes, eat beans to maintain sugar level. As we said that beans are very helpful in fighting with constipation. Along with constipation a very dangerous and painful disease comes i.e piles. To cure yourself from piles, you must eat all types of beans. In case you are suffering from piles, then too you must continue consuming beans. Beans is also very useful for heart. It will reduce blood cholesterol so that the risk of heart attack is minimum.

       Beans are rich with iron in high quantities. Iron deficiency know a days is very common all over the world. When any body eat beans it will boost iron in whole body.  So eating beans for staying healthy.

2. Mushroom

   The second vegetable is Mushroom. Mushroom is very beneficial for the strengthening of bones. It contains vitamin D which is useful for our bones. it increase growth of bones. To keep bones strong eat mushroom. If cholesterol level is high then consume mushroom. It is also boost our immune system. Consumption of mushroom is also very beneficial in high Blood Pressure. It is very much helpful to keep the Blood Pressure normal. It is also helpful in fighting cancer.

3. Sweet Potato

The third vegetable is Sweet Potato which is very beneficial for the strengthening of bones.  To keep bones strong keep using sweet potato. To have bright eyesight you must consume sweet potato regularly. To have bright eyesight then consume sweet potato regularly. It is also very helpful in fighting with cancer. It also lifts up mood, when any one annoying, irritated or feel dull. It is also contains very high quantities of vitamin B6 which is is very useful in our body. It also reduces the ratio of heart attack.  White potatoes is rich source of vitamin C. Many of us know the health benefits of vitamin C which is used to help cold and flu. Many of us did not know the benefits of Vitamin C include tooth and bone formation, improve digestive system and blood formation.  Regular consumption of sweet potato keeps mood happy. So there were few vegetables, still have a lot of health benefits.


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