How some one Hacking your System || Your Computer hacked? Solution is here

Now a days prevailing technology is not less than any blessing but also crossed a state of contingency, because everything of your is no more secure or private due to heavy internet trafficking because everyone can hack your mobile phone or your computer and can stealing your personal data, information also. But if you want to maintain your privacy by securing your data, then you should carefully read following instructions. By knowing following tips you can easily come to know either your data is hacked or not.

  1. If your anti virus switched off automatically without any interpretation from user, then it means your system has hacked. . The first main heads up you will have is that you go into your computer setting and take a look at your Antivirus software. The antivirus will be disable. Disabling antivirus is usually the first thing that hacker will do
  2. If your password is not working, then one possible reason is that some one  else have approached your system and changed the password. You should take this seriously when your  many other passwords are also not working including Skype Facebook, Google account etc. suddenly your own password is not working. This is obvious but also a huge red flag if you go to your social media accounts or other online account and your don’t work, then your in trouble. Some one stealing your information  and changed your password. So I suggest you to change your password after days. Do not use your personal information in your password. Make deep password, complicated, upper and lowercase, symbol special character etc
  3. Fake virus messages is the most common way to hack your computer. When you install any software or crack any software. I will automatically work on your computer and hacker easily hack your data.
  4. When you go to any website the popup started automatically. These ad-dons or popup contains small software it auto browse. You can not open any website from yourself.
  5. Everybody have experiences with popup and everybody you’re getting pop-ups then something is probably Wrong. The hackers normally do when getting into someone’s computer. It  is disable their antivirus and pop-up blocking software
  6. Do not use unapproved software. If software begins downloading without any warning or asking approval stop it immediately.
  7. Redricted web search it start to redirect you on random websites while searching the web.
  8. Spamming by Email or social media.
  9. When Mouse moves itself and making selections then some one taken control of it.
  10. If there are no of icons on your default search engine it means that, another person also using your system.
  11. This is also breath taking situation if your search engine showing you many windows pop up then it is possible some malware or hidden software are intalling your computer. It is very dangerous for your security point of view.
  12. You should also careful, if your system taking too much to open any file or to play any videos. Always make sure that you have a strong anti virus, that is working properly to make your personal data and information secure. So that no one can approach your data illegally.

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