How to become CSS Officer without Coaching | Complete CSS Preparation Guides | Explain in Detail.

How to become CSS Officer without Coaching | Complete CSS Preparation Guides:

You can not pass this exam (CSS) without going to Lahore that is what most of the people advise you. This is also called advice that people give you whenever you start thinking that you want to prepare Civil Service Exam. Let’s dispel this myth without quitting your job without attending any coaching class preparing from home. You can do all this because people have done this  so you can easily done. Let’s dispel this myth once and for all the time. But to begin with let us look at the pattern of the examination. It is a three stage process.

  1. Written exam
  2. Psychological test
  3. Interview

First of all I briefly explain about interview or personality test. In personality test you knowledge will not be tested. Because your knowledge has already been tested in written exam. So what is tested? Your attitude your aptitude your presence of mind your suitability for a career in civil service. This is something that cannot be taught in any coaching Institute. It comes with knowledge and this knowledge widens your thinking and ideas. These things personality presence of mind no coaching institute can teach you. For CSS you are on your own.


For English preparation there is Compreshension. How to prepare?  Some  tricks are given. Read comprhesion , basically a passage will be given at the end. This passage have some questions. Question based on the knowledge that is provided in this pasage. But how to master the passages? How to master passages without joining a coaching Institute. You have to read newspaper on daily basis. Its articles are very helpful for you. You have to read newspaper opinion base. But while reading an article try and understand  between the lines. Also reading an article try to understand what is the objective of an article. What is the general idea that is conveyed by the Author. Try to make your own opinion that the Author is most likely to agree or disagree with. How do you know whether the author agress with the statement or disagrees with the statement. It means you have to understand this passage. How can you understand the passage?  Answer is practice, practice and practice. But how can you practice it. My opinion is read newspaper regularly never miss it. Whatever is debated in print and television media.  Whatever dominates in the headlines link it with your syllabus. That means current affair is the key to success. While reading an article try to understand what is the objective of an article. What is the general idea conveyed by the author.  When you are able to master this you will be able to solve all the questions in reading comprehension.  All these areas practice is the key. Solved past papers of many past years from 2010 to 2017.


Now let’s take the general studies. For example, What to read about history particularly for modern history. I suggest you read the book that recomded by FPSC. These sets can be easily available in market or online in soft copy.  Read one book ten times rather than reading 10 books only once because the revision is the key to success. But the focus has how to read.  When you see how to read follow a pattern called five W’s and one H which means what has happened when it happened where it happened why it happened who were the people involved and how. When you apply this formula you can not miss any question that will be asked in examination.

Further I will tell you more about  compulsory and the opitional subjects. In compulsory subject e.g. English that contain essays. You have to write essays on two topics that are provided. It has a complete structred. There has to be a well defined introduction, body and conclusion. In conclusion you can put in your own words, your own ideology, your own convictions. But in body you will have to take newspaper articles because you have to quote whatever is important in the news.  An opitional subject how can choose an opitional subject will have a separte discussion.

  1. In the preparation of CSS you need  confidence, struggle and determination. This confidence is available in you. Without joining a traditional coaching class you can clear this exam. This is do able. I am not negating the coaching classes. They have their own plus points. They minimize effort but that does not mean coaching is must. You have to remember that this is competition but your competition is with your own self. Only you have the power defeat yourself no one else.
  2. If this is your dream go for it. Civil service is the only career option where you can touch the lives of millions of people in one go. Which other don’t have the power to touch the lives of billions of people in one go. Politics have but this is very tough exam to crack than CSS.
  3. We live in Pakistan and Pakistani glorifies successes but how can you define success. What is the idea of success in Pakistani sense. The idea is power, prestige. In CSS you get both.


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