How to Become Good Writer Precise Writing skills for CSS, PMS

How to Become Good Writer Precise Writing skills for CSS, PMS: Dear friends today we are going to discuss the subject of English. This is for precise writing and composition. This is useful for those who want to become a writer and good readers. Writing in examination Hall in different but writing is just like the hobby in any business or anywhere if you want to become a good writer. Here is the complete detail about how to Become Good Writer Precise Writing skills for CSS, PMS.

How to Become Good Writer Precise Writing skills for CSS, PMS:-

Become Good Writer Precise Writing skills for CSS, PMS


We receive information from reading and listening and we produce information by speaking and writing. Writing is the most difficult part because it remains permanent. When we write something then it remains there. So there is no room for mistake spelling and grammar especially. When you speak may be people tolerate your error or mistake but in writing, no one will tolerate any mistake because it becomes the part of a record. You have no room to commit any mistake while writing. Writing is a good way to a communication of composition because when you write something then you have to convey to million of million people.

In writing the best exercise is precisely writing because it is good for reading comprehension. When a long passage is given to you and you are required to reproduce the same meaning of the passage in short form sometime in few words. Be brief is very difficult. It is very easy to talk and write more and more but can write in a short way. It is very difficult. So for that, you have to understand a passage what is the message in a passage and that message you will give in your own words. But in reported speech means an indirect speech in past sentence and in 3rd person. If it is universal truth then you can give in the same tense. Language and tone of the original author but you can give an essence of your own. You must reproduce the same message in shorter form. In short form, you have to present an idea. You have to remove extra detail is a passage.

Precise writing needs a lot of exercise and attention. It is very important that when we want to become a good writer then we have to control on language. Control of language means to have a lot of words. When we want to build a building then we need blocks, bricks and stone. In writing these blocks are words. It the unit of language. We have a lot of words but how to give the words in shape. That is done by grammar by rules.

If you want to become a good writer then would you need. You need an imagination, creativity, and curiosity but do not watch enough T.V. some words we recognized and some words we used. So bringing the words from our past memory to our active memory. Understand the things and reproduced in their own way.


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