How to do Answer Writing in CSS, PMS Exam Without Coaching

How to do Answer Writing in CSS, PMS Exam Without Coaching: Today we are going to discuss how to do answer writing for Civil Service Exam. I briefly explain how, to begin with, the answer writing if we have no clue, not going any coaching or Institute. How we begin the answer writing. This is not for those aspirants who have already appeared in written exam but it is also for the those who are going to appear in 2018-19 and so on. The written CSS exam is of 1200 marks. It is very important because it actually decides your rank. It decides what service you will get. You will be allocated as PAS, PSP or any other service else. So to get top rank depend upon written exam. Here is complete detail about Answer Writing in CSS, PMS Exam Without Coaching.

How to do Answer Writing in CSS, PMS Exam Without Coaching:-

Answer Writing in CSS, PMS Exam Without Coaching


First of all when writing any question, Then we have to talk about the main theme of the question. This is very important. Generally, we do not read the whole question and just start writing whatever comes to our mind. It is due to the shortage of time. we have so many questions to attempt so we can not afford so much time.  At that time you need to draw the complete structure of the question.  Three points in any question that I emphasized more are introduction, main parts(its body) and conclusions of the answer. Introduction and conclusion to any question are very important. Because if we do not introduce any question or do not conclude it then it will be an incomplete format which is the bad impression for the examiner.  For example, you are becoming a civil servant in future then it is watched by the examiner that how you prepare framework in any situation. Other important things do not bluff the examiner. If you completely sure about the question then you do not need to worry. Write its answer and you will fetch good marks.

We know that every word has a different meaning. Let’s discuss various words that would be asked in CSS exam and what is the meaning of them.  Some of these words are given below.

1. Define

When you are writing about definition then they would not expect a stupid answer from you. They actually ask you to define the question that has a proper definition. You need to state a proper definition and you precise about it. It will be authentic and clear.

2. Describe

Describe means you have to give complete information about anything e.g. How and why some things happen. You have to give a complete description in descriptive format.

3. Explain

Explain means you have to clarify topic detail as for how and why. You have to write the complex procedure, sequences of events that would be easily understood. This is something that will explain completely and it comes from one step to another. You did not miss your knowledge.

4. Elaborate

Elaborate means a statement that you have to expand it. You have to touch every area of it. You have to draw 360o angle then you are touching every angle.  For example, if you are talking about social, economic and political perspective then it is necessary to elaborate every aspect related to it.

5. Demonstrate

Demonstrate means show how with an example to illustrate. It means to give a complete demonstration of any things. Furthermore,  you have to explain it with help of the example.

6. Critically Analyze.

We have a word critical but never means to criticize anything. Critically means you have to talk about the positive and negative aspect of the question.

7. Compare

Compare means you are comparing one thing with another. For that, you have to draw a line of similarities and dissimilarities. For example, in question, they asked that compare with the constitutional provision of Pakistan with the USA  in the presidential election. You have to compare their similarities and dissimilarities in the proper format.

8. Comment or Opinion

These word like comment or opinion. Means what is your opinion? What are your views? They are completely asking you. They are asking what is your opinion. Then in answer, you use the word ‘I’, ‘According to me’. ‘I think’.


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