How to Improve English Writing Skills for CSS, PMS

How to Improve English Writing Skills for CSS, PMS: Today I tell you how to write a good and appropriate essay and English precise in any competitive exam. The essay is not just answering to a specific course. It is written for specific purposes. This includes job essay, literally essay, critical essay but we fell the demand for FPSC. It has a specific demand so we focus on that demand only. The main purpose of this is, how simply we write an essay and other English things The most of the problem that we face in the competitive examination is essay writing and precise writing. Here is the complete detail to English Writing Skills for CSS, PMS Improve your English.

English Writing Skills for CSS, PMS Improve your English:-

Improve English Writing Skills for CSS, PMS


Now I talk about essay writing skill. If we start from essay then in the earlier stage we need to build our vocabulary, punctuation and we also know about the unfamiliar words. Many words have the same meaning in term of synonyms. But they would not replace each other because every word has a different meaning. We need to have a grip on vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. Grammer includes tenses, verb, adverb, adjective and so many things like that. Punctuation changes the expression of the sentence. Punctuation is also very important for writing a good essay especially, in competitive exam.

In another exam like intermediate, matriculation and bachelor we pass in the normal manner.  In competitive we need to be careful about everything because it is essay and precise that this determent of fate. It includes the allocation of groups to the selection of groups. In the past few years, people made a very high score in other subject but they failed in either in the essay or precise. Furthermore, the selection of the topic is very important. So always choose the safe choice and safe topic. The topic that you are unable to do easily. The third is making well connected and relevant outline. It is for the essay, its time is about 3 hours and you have to write about 2500 words to 3000 words. Its pages should be around 1.5 to 2.5. After that focus on introduction and thesis fact. This is the thing that examiner get an idea about you. So keep on writing in relevant chains which must be logical and in order.  You have to write everything in every right place.

Next, you have to go to a body of the essay and relevant chains. Do not write too much in one factor and not write too less on another factor. The most important things that examiners conclude about you is your fate. So you need to produce effective kind of conclusion which based on analytical and critical skills. You must write it in such a manner that it summarizes all the essay in one or two paragraph. It must be fully cleared that you are going to the topic or you must be specified about the topic. Before attempting an essay you must take about 5 to 10 minutes to revise the outline. Make its complete outline in your mind. If you have a shortage of time then go to the outline, introduction, body and conclusion. I am very sure you have to show all these things which I mentioned step by step. I hope you will not fail in an essay in any kind of competitive exam.


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