How to Improve Precise and Grammar Composition for CSS, PMS

How to Improve Precise and Grammar Composition for CSS, PMS. In its wider sense ‘Composition’ means the expression of our feelings, ideas, and desires by means of words. Words may be spoken or written, so composition is necessary of two kinds. Oral and written. Both these forms of composition are equally important and are very closely connected. We have to careful in the choice and use of our words in speaking and in writing. If we learn to speak clearly and exactly, we shall be able to write exactly and clearly. But writing requires greater clearness and exactness than speaking does. I speaking what we have to say can be made effective by the tone of our voice, the expression on our faces and by the movement of our hands but in writing, we have to depend entirely on the sense conveyed by the words we use. So a great deal of accuracy is needed writing. Sir Francis Bacon has rightly said that writing makes an exact man. Writing tends to make a man exact because he cannot write well about a subject unless he knows the subject well. To write well you have to be clear in your own mind as to what you are going to say. Have something to say, is, therefore, the first requirement of all writing. Only by being clear and definite in your own mind about what you are going to write can make your writing clear and interesting to the reader. Here is the tips How to Improve Precise and Grammar Composition for CSS, PMS.

How to Improve Precise and Grammar Composition for CSS, PMS:-

Improve Precise and Grammar Composition for CSS, PMS



  1. Practice

In order to improve your English Composition, you must keep on writing, for it is practice along that makes perfect. There is numerous subject for you to write on; You meet an interesting character in you every life;  You see funny sight on the or on the playground; great and small things are happening in the world every day; all these offer you themes to write on. All these offer you valuable opportunities for self-expression.  Apart from helping to develop you the power of composition, the constant habit of writing on all kinds of subjects will increase you general information. If you record your day to day expression of life in a diary regularly, this intimate type of writing will give you ample practice in self-expression. The habit of keeping a diary is very helpful in the building.

2. Observation and Imagination.

There are various kinds of composition and in all these observations and imagination are necessary. In a piece of purely descriptive writing, when you are describing a scene or a building or a journey, for example, your observation counts for very much. Unless you have carefully noticed the details of the scene or a building or journey, your description will be flat and uninteresting. Therefore, you should observe things around you carefully. Keep your eyes open always, and notices things. All good writing needs imagination. In description, in the essay, in the short story, every imagination is needed.

3. Conversation

Speaking in English as often as possible is very helpful in the development of one’s powers of expression. A good deal of our speaking has to be done in the mother tongue but the student may profitably increase his opportunities for English conversation with person of recognized tase and culture. If we speak in correct and idiomatic English, whenever we speak in that language, our written English will be better for it. The style will also gain a natural flow and conversational ease.

4. Reading

Further, a good deal of useful reading must be done. To write well a full mind is required, and reading is one of the best means of making the mind full, though reading alone is not sufficient. Thought and imagination should go hand in hand with profitable reading, so as to develop our faculties of original thinking. The masterpieces destined to remain masterpieces are built to last. Our reading exercises a very great influence on our composition. Books influence our style by making us familiar with certain ways of expression and certain modes of thought. but we must be careful that we read only good books. There are so many books to be read that we have not time to read cheap, trashy and bad books. Badly written books exercise very bad influence on style, and if we acquire a bad style in our early days, it is not easy to shake that slipshod style afterward.


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