How to make Notes from Newspaper for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exam

How to make Notes from Newspaper for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exam: Today we going to discuss how to make notes from Newspaper for any competitive examination. It could be any exam you working on. It could be banking, PMS, CSS, PPSC or any other exam your working for. So now I tell how to make notes from Newspaper.  Notes making from Newspaper is very if you understand the right strategies. Here is Complete detail about How to make notes from newspaper for css, pms and competitive exam.

How to make Notes from Newspaper for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exam:-


First of all, I want to start with Dawn newspaper.  Generally, it is said that newspaper editorial part is very important. Most of the question came from that portion. Let me tell you that is not exactly right. It is not sure question came from Dawn editorial or any newspaper editorial.  In exam question came from short Article that we never expect. If you are reading any issue that time you have to search on google see its historical perspective. What is the history of that issue write these issue and you have to highlight the best issue. So that you do not confuse later. Once you have made notes on any topic that topic nobody snatches from you. You are going to the best forever.

We have a problem with international news.  Sometimes we do not understand that news it is a bit complicated. You have to pic international news with the issue. For example, India asked US delegation to reschedule with it. This meeting is not important.  But it is important when SAARC, ASEAN or any other organization meeting being held in any place you have to mark that point. Furthermore, it is upcoming meeting then note down that. Most of the time we neglect these issue but the question came from that point. So you have to note down these short facts. All these facts are important in note making procedure. Notes these things that are actually neglected. But you are the normal people you are competitive exam aspirant you can not neglect all of that.

One more thing in the newspaper, a politician has resigned or anything else that is not so important. Do not waste your time in such type of news. For example, PML (n) has split down or Nawaz Shareef has done that things etc. These type of news has not important basically. So keep avoiding in such type of news. You can read important facts if a party doing something different. But I asked you honestly this news are not useful for you.

If you read Pakistan and India trade cancel in the year and what it is. You have to read and make notes on such type of news. you need to carry more about connectivity plane with India or any other issue. After reading these issues make notes at that time. you know how we dealing as a nation. I mean we are really blessed. We people who preparing for competitive or any other exam we really blessed because when we read a newspaper every day. We aware more and more of the situation. Which makes us happy because we are educating ourselves. We are educating our brains.

Now I ending with positive Note, CSS or any other competitive exam is a medium. It is just a part of life not a life so make yourself clear on that.



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