How to Perfect English Grammar for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exam

How to Perfect English Grammar for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exam: How to perfect your English grammar in competitive exam. How to master it so that you can perfect all time. for doing that you have to make strategies because there is a lot of scare about the English grammar. First things that you do is calm your self and think that it is the very interesting topic. If you make it interesting then it just like mathematics. If you scared of it it will scare you even more. So you need to calm yourself. After doing that you have to think about the topic that is relevant to each other in exam point of view. Just like CSS, PMS and banking there is a lot of topics that are very important. Such as noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, preposition and adjective. The best thing that we use to master these topics is to learn to rules. English grammar is like Mathematics. In mathematics, you just learn formulas and in English, you just learn rules. Once you memorize all the rules there is no way to make a mistake. Here is the detail about how to Perfect English Grammar for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exam.

How to Perfect English Grammar for CSS, PMS and Competitive Exam:-


First things that you need to do is make a plane. Take a topic one by one and every topic makes a sheet of rules. After that practice them. If you are grammar is perfect then just focus and follow one book. Do not go after many books because for any competitive exam the time is less. So do not go after many books go to just one book and stick to it.

Take a topic and goes to all the rules. There are about 35 rules in the English grammar. Make a list of it. After taking all the rules do exercises. Exercises are very important for each and every kind of topic.

Now the most important things after rules are revising. Revision is a very important thing because when you revise you are committed to your memory. So it is very important.

The most important thing that everyone must do is a test. Take a lot of tests so that you come to know the place where are you standing. Are you retaining everything that has you read? Are you retaining and understanding the rules. So take a test that is very important.

By taking care all these things you will be to write good precise. You just to do practice, practice and practice, especially from the past paper. Also, practice from the philosophical books. Once you have a habit of extensive reading. You can perform very well. Keep the practice just like mathematics. Keep on doing practices and get the expression, language and grammar everything gets improved by each and every day. Also do concern with some good teacher, adviser and senior who can tell you where to evaluate and short down. For all these stuff you have to need a practice. A lot of practices will lead you to success.


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