Import Hybrid Vehicle Without Paying Duty Tax and Save the Environment.

Import Hybrid Vehicle Without Paying Duty Tax and Save the Environment:

The government of Pakistan has abolished the tax on the import of Hybrid vehicles. This step is taken due to recommendation from committee on environmental changes that’s reason new hybrid vehicles are free from duty taxes because hybrid vehicles get most of the energy from battery instead of diesel or petrol and then cause minimum damage to the environment. On the side vehicles running on diesel and petrol cause huge damage to environment But now it’s time to control or minimize the damage to environment by formulating environmental friendly policies, and also reduce the increasing danger of smog in our country so, now it’s mandatory to take revolutionary steps to save environment from disastrous changes.

For achieving industrial development and environmental protection, this is an excellent achievement.

The same year, in July, a number of fishes have died due to the environmental pollution. Scientists claimed that our atmosphere has changed drastically since last year that causes the production of harmful substances in water that causes a major loss to aquatic life especially at Rawal Lake Islamabad. One way to help climate change is to drive less. Rather than using your own personal car, try to carpool or use public transportation. Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is a major contributor to climate change and vehicles are a large portion of the CO2 humanity produces. In fact, it’s estimated that for every 2-mile car trip you take, 2 pounds of CO2 being put into the atmosphere.

New research in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that while gasoline cars pollute closer to home, coal-fired power actually pollutes more. The researchers estimate that if the U.S. has 10% more gasoline cars in 2020, 870 more people will die each year from the additional air pollution. If the U.S. has 10% more electric vehicles powered by the average U.S. electricity mix, 1,617 more people will die every year from the extra pollution.

A report based on 2009 national averages found that If the electricity is coming primarily from a country like India where coal accounts for about 60% of electricity generated, your BEV ends up emitting C02 at about the same levels as a 20 mpg car. In the US, where the fuel sources are cleaner, this figure only rose to 40mpg – which is basically the average for a really efficient petrol car. So, at this point, you may be thinking, if electric cars pollute more when they’re built, just about the same when they are junked, and their battery charges can pollute even more than an efficient gas.

Figures from studies like this one are often cited to make the case against electric vehicles.

In 2015 with the help of Japan, we launched environment monitoring system (EMS). Its purpose is to monitor the changes in environment and atmosphere.

And this is an audible step to sell the environmentally friendly vehicles at lower prices and promoting this kind of vehicles for the well being of the environment.

To resolve these problems in Pakistan it is necessary to import Hybrid Vehicle and prosecute the polluter without any clemency. Simultaneously people should be made aware to play their role for the diminution of these problems


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