Important Tips to Crack CSS, PMS and other Competitive Exam: Hello everyone in this article I will discuss 10 important qualities which are needed to crack civil service examination. It does not mean if you do not have these ten qualities will not crack this exam. It also does not mean if you have these ten qualities you will crack it. It just means that if you have these 10 qualities the odds will be lower and if you do not have these 10 qualities the odds will be higher so try to develop these 10 qualities. These are the following Tips to Crack CSS, PMS and other Competitive Exam.

Tips to Crack CSS, PMS and other Competitive Exam:-


  1. The most important thing is you should like studying the variety of things. You should not get stuck up that you are science students will not read geography. If you are art student will not read biology.You should like studying the variety of things from editorials. If you do not have this quality you are in danger.
  2. Persistence results will not come in overnight. You need to be persistent for first six months. you’ll not be able to understand anything at all. For example, what is geography nothing will go inside? You will think that you are the biggest fool in the world but try to be persistent and try to go to your classes every day. It means that despite all the odds despite all the failures. You do not get demotivated. You do not feel bad you just continue and you are very resilient that is very important.
  3. You need to be comfortable and certain most of the people fail because they don’t like certainty they can easily pass other exams but they do not feel like cracking CSS exam. You have to be willing to put 4 to 5 years of your life because you never know how much time it’s going to take you to crack this exam. If you give two times then that is four years of your life and two attempts are perfectly fine. Everybody will give at least three-four attempts so if you are willing to put four to five years of their life then give this exam otherwise please do not give.
  4. The most important thing that you have to be the smart worker. You need to figure out the smartest way possible to this exam. Leave nothing to chance because this exam is uncertain and unpredictable. You have to try to cover all your basic. Also try to cover all these subjects including static, dynamic portion, psychological and interview. Everything tries to cover yourself end. Please leave nothing to chance otherwise this exam will leave nothing for you.

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