India's Next Mistake will be Beginning of End

India’s Next Mistake will be Beginning of End

Indian elections closed and surveys indicate that Indian people are not happy with the Modi government. Suddenly a crisis appears with Pakistan as the villain. The rhetoric of war is increasing, people are going crazy and the pathetic view of the government seems to be overshadowed by calls for people to come together to face what is described as an existential threat.

India’s Next Mistake will be Beginning of End

India's Next Mistake will be Beginning of End
India’s Next Mistake will be Beginning of End

Certainly, is it too transparent to work? No way. Even the “moderate” voices in India are now calling for a war and violation of airspace this morning, his latest attempt to bring Pakistan into open confrontation.

Clearly, the Indian government is using propaganda to win the next election and to divert people from the fact that it has not done enough to earn re-election.
But at the same time, Pakistan can have just as much patience. Regardless of the reasons, India has taken a dangerous road. A Pakistani response is likely and if it gets worse, there will be no way to avoid war.

With two nations of nuclear energy, such a thing would be crazy, but here we are.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said the time and place for an answer would be determined by Pakistan. Such an answer suggests that Pakistan relies on its defense and on sustained folly the country will respond with full force.

Due to the fact that the war means the loss of tens of thousands (or even millions) of lives, entire cities, and the destruction of land and property that may be billions, such a thing should be the last option.

We hope India appreciates Pakistan’s adult response and reconsiders the path it takes and we can avoid war. Otherwise, Pakistan is ready to protect its country and its people through all necessary means.

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