Learn Chinese and get jobs in CPEC – Chinese is Easier Than English

Learn Chinese and get jobs in CPEC – Chinese is Easier Than English:

Hello everyone today we going to talk about how and why learning chines is easier than English and we Learn Chinese and get jobs in CPEC. Chinese is not much difficult language. Reading and Writing of Chinese Characters might be a bit challenging. But speaking Chinese is not that Difficult. If you are a fast learner then You can start speaking Chinese easily by just learning the basic Grammar. commonly used Vocabulary and a lot of Practice. As everyone knows CPEC is going to create a lot of Job and Business Opportunities. These days Competition is very tough. If you can speak the Chinese Language, You can easily learn Chinese and get job in CPEC.


How to learn Chines and get jobs in CPEC

First of all chinse, grammar is relatively easy and straightforward. The word order of a simple chinse sentence is exactly the same as it is in Enlighs. For example, I or me in Chinese is wo, you in Chinese is ni, the word to love in Chinese is ài. To say I love you, you say wo ài ni. To say you love me, you say ni ài wo. You can just translate all the simple English sentences word by word to Chinese and you will get the right Chinese sentences. when it comes to long and complicated sentences, you just need to remember a few rules as to where to put time and location and then you are all set. Also, unlike many other European languages, Chinese people don’t conjugate verbs, which means that Chinese verbs don’t change form based any subject or when the action is taken place. For example, when you say She is, He was, I am or We are. The Chinese word order for the verb to be doesn’t change and stays the same for all of them. in addition, unlike many other languages such as French and German, there is no gender in ChineseThe second reason why I believe Chinese can be easy to learn is that the more you learn the easier it gets. chinese words are very transparent and logical. The way a Chinese word is formed tells you a lot about its meanings.


That’s what I mean by the more Chinese you learn, the easier it gets. Because the more chinese you learn, the more building blocks or language components in the word you will acquire. And then you
can just put together the old pieces and make up new ones


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