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Mini budget will be announce on Jan 23: Asad Umar


Mini budget will be announce on Jan 23: Asad Umar.Federal Finance Minister Asad Umar announced on Saturday that he would be hosting a mini-budget on 23 January.

The minister spoke to the business community of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry that the government had decided to present the mini-budget on January 21, but due to problems it will be announced on January 23.

He said the government was revising proposals to increase taxes and tariffs on imports.

Asad Umar said although it is regrettable to approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it is expected to be the last loan Pakistan will have to get the economy out of the crisis.

The minister said that reforms in FBR were being carried out and that their powers had been transferred to a lower level and that their powers to issue SRO were redAsad Umar said the government is taking steps to create an enabling environment to do the easy business and encourage foreign investment to promote the economy.

The economy is a central part of our foreign policy and we are committed to promoting trade and investment in the best interests of the country, he added.

The finance minister said that improving the country’s economy would also increase job opportunities in the country. He said the established government would bring that kind of economy that would increase the standard of living of the oppressed segment of society by eliminating all obstacles in their lives.

The minister said Pakistan wanted a warm relationship with all countries in the region, including India, and that it was necessary to resolve all the problems between the two countries through dialogue.

He said Pakistan also wanted to increase commercial ties with India in the best interests of both countries.He said any change in the current tax structure could only be borne by parliament.


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