Misbah ul Haq, the hidden treasure

Cricket history of Pakistan is full of legendary and talented names, but there is a person who has changed the horizons of Pakistan sports by thinking and leading in a completely different way. He is a person having nerves of steel, patience higher than mountains, silence like a ocean and much more. As all of you know that leaders are evaluated and judged in difficult times, same like that this person delivered in very difficult times, where no one can imagine that right after six years this side will be on top of the table. But hard work with patience, positivity and sheer discipline by keeping believe in almighty was the key to success for skipper named Misbah ul Haq. In short there is no exaggeration to say that he has blessed with all qualities rarely found in army officers or political leaders.

He remained more honorable and influential throughout his career. He defeated every rival with strength of patience and hard work equipped with discipline, because he knows that there is no shortcut for hard work and experience. He broke all records, created histories but remained humble, he never showed aggression because he was internally strong and emotionally mature. He is one who has been hated and criticized more than anyone else, but he remained silent and and improved himself with every passing day.

When he took the leadership of national side, Pakistan cricket team was in pages of shame and darkness, cricket of Pakistan was on the verge of extinction. But, owing all these difficulties misbah ul haq woven out a respectable image of nation through his discipline, calmness and demure nature. Under his unstoppable wisdom and cerebral leadership Pakistan has accomplished historical achievements. We have beaten Australia, England without playing even a single match before our home crowd. We also left a permanent mark in history books by defeating south Africa in their homeland and designated as the first Asian team who took south Africa to cleaners at their homeland.

With erudite mentality, misbah also blessed with skillful hands and talent as well. He delivered every time when team needed him. During his capatanicy our cricket team got first position ever in history, he smashed fastest century in tests and also took credit to have a century at age of 42. In short his humble and disciplined career is full of history creating moments, that couldn’t be jotted down right here due to my short memory and lack of time also.

Now get to the point, My purpose is not to praise or exaggerate someone, but I want to change the mind set of nation. Despite all these performances and positivity, we all criticized that person, we used all abusive words to describe him, but he never uttered any word and never got frustrated.

Let’s take silence for a moment and think about the behavior that we have given to him, is this fair??? Ask this question from yourself.

I am sorry to say that as a nation we don’t deserve the persons like that who gave us everything with their complete passion and hard work and remained positive every time, no matters how much negativity prevailing their.

Now that person has left the international cricket, and I request to all of you, “please promote the person like him, please portray these persons as role model to next generations so that we would able to make an intellectual and rational society rather than short tempered and emotional one. Otherwise we always remembered as emotional idiots. Now it’s totally up to you either change this mind set or still go with this, I am leaving with the famous Quote

    “the brevity is soul of wit”


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