Nokia 6 first Android Smart phone first Look a legendary phone from Nokia

    Welcome back to the latest Nokia 6. We will review the Nokia 6 which will be released in June. Many people have probably been waiting a long time for this phone. Since it is the first Android to be released by Nokia. Nokia has one of the longest histories  in the phone market and has seen more hit phones than other companies have  phones released. However,  the Nokia 6 has rival theme all formerly Nokia was running on window operating system.  But now they have seen the light and are bringing out the big guns. We are looking at the Nokia 6 that one is released in June.

The phone will start with classic Nokia logo with holding hands. Nokia did a great job of creating a neat and clean box inside. It is also contain micro USB charger which is 2.0 adapter, user manual and head phone.  Now we look at the design the assemble of phone is with neatness. You will not be disappointed with this phone especially with Nokia strong track record and serious history. In front of phone we have screen with integrated home button that vibrates in response to touch. On the back there is Nokia logo and camera is not too high the corner are diamond cut very similar to what we saw on the iPhone 5 with nice sharp edge rounding the phone. It has aluminum body means no seams anywhere it really give the classic unbreakable Nokia vibe.

The volume button and power button are on the left hand side of the phone. On the right hand side of phone is SIM card compartment. It can hold 2 sim card at one time which need to be micro SIM cards not the larger size. You can insert 2 4G but not can only use at one time. You have to chose which one you want to run it for 4G. It will run on android 7.0 by running Android you have to access to the Google Play Store. It also have window app store additionally with Android 7.0 updates released by Google. As for as my point of view Nokia 6 runs smoothly it will open any website very fast. This phone comes with many data collecting sensors such as the fast and accurate. You can also see your current location precisely and fastly. It one of the best phone in market. Now everyone has deep interest in smart phones games . games play in this phone very smoothly  and did lose their video quality though it is still a suitable phone for the gamer. The rear camera is a 16 megapixel with PDAs and a dual tone flash. The front camera is 8 megapixel with 84 degree field of view. Nokia did significant development in their camera technology and has now introduced touch up mode. The camera itself focuses extremely quickly and has a very accurate white balance. If you zoom the picture you did not lose any pixelation due to high megapixel cameras.  It comes with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage with extra SD storage capabilities. It has 5.5 inches IPS screen running full HD Gorilla Glass 3. It also have bio metric recognition sensor in the integrated home button for fingerprint security. It has 3000 mah battery and dual speakers.

OS Android  7.1
Rome 32 GB
Screen 5.5
Battery 3000 mah
Price Coming soon

Nokia 6 has satisfying for as it was for us overall for this price i don’t think you can find better phone than the Nokia 6 the aluminum body really adds a lot to the overall feel of the phone. Also the fact is that it’s Nokia and runs on Android is just a match made in heaven  all the general categories like photos and games match well with other phone and are definitely quality



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