Old Banyan Tree Receives Saline Treatment in India 2018: A 700-year-old banyan tree in India is undergoing medical treatment with the hope of prolonging its life the tree. which is reportedly the second largest of its kind in the world has a termite infestation. The State Forest authorities in the southern Indian state of tell anger are trying to save it. Here is the complete detail below.

Old Banyan Tree Receives Saline Treatment in India 2018:-

officials have put the tree on sale and rips filled with diluted insecticide and tie pipes to its roots to prevent the spread of infection the tree. Locally it is called the children’s banyan tree.  It was a popular tourist attraction up until December last year. when authorities noticed branches crumbling and restricted the area the branches were crumbling because of the termites’ infection officials told reporters the drips are quote working very well.  There are hundreds of them dotted around the tree feeding it with insecticide to kill the termites. They began the treatment of the tree with mixed chlorpyrifos(Pesticide) in the saline bottle. The solution was injected into the barks of the tree.

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