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Pakistan Makes small Improvement in Corruption CPI Report:

corruption perception index
corruption perception index

Transparency International now published its corruption perception index (CPI) 2018. It shows that Pakistan has improved slightly by one point in the index.

The country scored a score of 33 over 100 for 2018, which is a better point than 2017. However, the classification remained the same, which is 117 of the 180 countries.

The president of Transparency International Pakistan, Sohail Muzaffar, said Pakistan should take serious measures to control the “disaster corruption” in the country. He said the country’s economic situation could not improve until corruption was resolved.

Corruption Perception Index CPI:-

According to the CPI, the better performing countries compared to previous years are Estonia, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Guyana.

While the countries that have declined in the index, Australia, Chile, Malta, Turkey and Mexico are. It should be noted that two-thirds of countries scored less than 50 this year, with an average score of 43.

The most important countries in the CPI include Denmark and New Zealand with 88 and 87 points. The countries at the bottom of the index include Somalia, Syria and South Sudan with 10, 13 and 13 respectively.

The CPI index counts 180 countries according to observed levels of public sector corruption between experts and employers. It takes a zero-to-100 scale, with zero highly corrupted brands and 100 clean brands.

The index has also been linked to corruption and the health of democracies. He found countries with higher corruption to reduce political rights and poor democratic institutions.

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