Pakistani girl Daughter of an Imam Masjid become the Fastest Female Athlet

In a rather inspiring story, Asra broke all social barriers and reached the highest national level through her hard work and family support.
The young woman, who was born in Faisalabad, went back to school as an athletic athlete, participated in league competitions and district level as much as she could.
“I started my career in a government school and competed at the district, division, and provincial level,” Asra said in a video. She then started her national career and became the fastest woman in the country She said:

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She quickly proved herself and started running at the provincial level in tournaments. That’s when he really came and won a gold medal in one of the tournaments.
Asra said, because of his father’s support, people had criticized his father for giving him permission to practice sport, but he remained firm.
When asked how he felt about his daughter practicing his passion for the sport, Qari Alam Khan said when the school’s teachers told him his daughter was a sprinter and pretty good, it made him happy.
He said although he was proud of his daughter, he was disappointed that the government didn’t do much for the athletes.

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