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Panjub Govt Now Launch Qeemat App to Control the Prices


Lastly, there is good news for consumers in Punjab, as the government has decided to use technology to control hoarding and speculation in the province.

The government launched a mobile application to control the market prices of everyday items.

The Sialkot District Administration, a consultant to the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Youth Affairs, launched an application called ‘Qeemat Sialkot’.

Updates users with the prices of household items, such as vegetables, fruits and other food products that the government publishes daily.


Consumers can also file a complaint against any store that sells inferior or inexpensive products.

This allows users to complain about merchants’ misconduct.

Deputy Commissioner Sialkot has formed a special monitoring unit that will analyze daily complaints.

The district administration also issued a notice requesting all shop / consumer owners to comply with the request, as the application also allows easy tracking of non-vendors.

According to Dar, the application successfully completed a month’s beta test in the city and will soon be launched in other Punjab cities.

You can download the app from theĀ Google Play Store.

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