PaySlip December 2018 Rajanpur Employees

Hello, friends today I am going to share with you the pay slip 2018 for Government employee Rajanpur. The slip we collected from social media. slip is in text format you have to search your own slip by entering your CNIC. It can be easily search using CNIC or your Personal Number. For that use search option in mobile or in Personal computer or tab. I can be easily searched using NotePad in personal computer or tab. We share this slip every month using this website Todayaffairpk. So keep visiting this website to get your slip on time.

Pay Slip December 2018 Rajanpur Employees

If you are government Employee and want to see your payslip then you are at right Place. Click on following the link to get your payslip December 2018. This will be available for government employee only.

Payslip will be available in the following form

S#:3348 P Sec:001 Month:December 2018
S#:3349 P Sec:001 Month:December 2018
RC6013 -DY DEO (M) RJP
Pers #: 32028326 Buckle: Education
E.S.E GPF #:
CNIC No.3240366726045 Old #:
CPF Interest Free 14 Regular / Contract RC6013 - -

0001-Basic Pay 16,350.00
1000-House Rent Allowance 2,214.00
1210-Convey Allowance 2005 2,856.00
1842-Social Security Ben – 30% 4,554.00
2155-Medical Allowance Exempt 1,500.00
2211-Adhoc Relief All 2016 10% 1,272.00
2224-Adhoc Relief All 2017 10% 1,635.00
2247-Adhoc Relief All 2018 10% 1,635.00

Gross Pay and Allowances 32,016.00



If you need the complete text file of Govt. Employees PaySlip November 2018 Rajanpur then click on the link to download, Click here to Download

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