PITB Launch Prison Management (PMIS) App for Jail in Punjab

The Punjab Information Technology Council (PITB) has decided to submit an application from the Prison Management Information System (PMIS) to Punjab prisons.

In the first phase, the application will be used in six prisons in the province. This information comes from the presentation of the PITB team to the Prison Minister of Punjab, Zawar Hussain Waraich, and to the Inspector General of Prisons, Mirza Shahid Saleem Baig.

The team reported that the decision was in line with the government’s 100-day plan. The department has decided to extend it to six prisons after the mobile application has been successfully completed in its pilot phase.

In addition, IG prisoners maintained that prison records should be updated to strengthen the criminal justice system. He said that the PMIS was developed for this purpose.

Main Notable Features

Some of the notable features of the PMIS include a complete database of online more than 3000 residents using an automatic fingerprint identification (AFIS), planning and implementation of measures rather than reforms, and facilitating public through the accelerated record of interviews

It also involves the regulation and management of routine matters related to the courts, and prompt handling of public claims, maintaining a detailed database of prison staff, including their career profiles, bank accounts and data related to human resources, wages.

It will also keep track of inventory and stock management, including the management and automation of cereal, medicine and others. warehouses and automation of budgets, financial transactions and procurement processes.

In addition, the PBIS has been integrated with the MIS Department of Housing, the Supreme Court of Lahore, Punjab Police and the Department of Combating Corruption.

In the pilot project, about 51,747 prisoners, 14895 visitors and 136 patients in the hospital were collected in prison.

Training will be given to Senior Officials 

Police Inspector General (IGP) Punjab ordered senior police officers to learn how to operate the 17 IT software programs within the department within two weeks.

He issued a designation to all district and department police officers while expressing concern that senior police officials showed no interest in improving service provision through the use of IT systems.

IGP has argued that the districts do not use the new IT systems, especially the police record management system and the complaints management system.

He announced that a practical test after two weeks with regard to these systems will be carried out and those who will not be eliminated from their position.

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