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PPSC Past Solved Papers for Assistant 2018 pdf download:-

1. Ariana is air line of: Afganistan
2.National Game of Pakistan is: Hockey
3. Basher al Asad belongs to: Syria
4.Muslim demand for Separated Electorate
was included in: Minto Morley Reforms 1
5. Faraizi movement launched by:  Shariat Ullahi
6. Mopla Revolt in: 1921
7.During freedom movement, Qazi
Muhammad Isa served Muslims of :
8. Who convened Round Table
conferences: PM MacDonald Ramsay
9. Vidiya Mander Scheme was prepared by:
Dr. Zakir Hussain!

10. Which PM of Pakistan joined CENTO & SEATO: Muhammad Ali Bogra

11. After National Assembly dissolved in 1993, who became care taker PM: Qureshi 12.Karez system is used only in: Balochistan

13. SAARC human resourced development centre is at: Islamabad

14. Rabi Crop: Wheat

15. in 1986, a model child welfare centre was established in a village of ‘Hummak the city of: lslamabad

16. UN celebrated International Day of Shelter for Homeless in: 1987

17.Which is not a Cash Crop : Wheat

71. Pakistan’s largest export market: USA

17.Which is not a Cash Crop:Wheat

18. Suette Custom was popular in. induism I

19. “Pencillin” discovered in:1928

20. Sterility caused by deficiency of: Vitamin C

21. Lowest number of people living under poverty line among SAARC countries: Sri Lanka 22. Communication can be done through computer by using: modems

23. Which of the following has the highest rainfall: Rawalpindi’

24.Largest district of Punjab (area): Bahawalpur

25.Family planning in rural areas hampered due to: psychological and Social Orthodoxy

26.Family Planning Programme was started in Pakistan in: 1955

27.Size of Population in Pakistan is under age of 15:104

28. Which province has highest literacy: Sindh

29. Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance was enforced in: 1984

30. Wimbledon Tennis Champion 2003, Roger Federer belongs to Switzerland

31.Which Sufi came earlier in India: Data Ganj Bakhsh

32. Tabeen-al-Kalam was written by: Sir Syed

34. The highest ratio of Internet users per 100 minutes in: USA

35. Country with highest ration of urban population in south Asia: India

The continentinent with lowest population growth: Europe

37. Malakhara is a game played in: Sindh

38. Paki Agricultural Scientist have introduced largest number of crop varieties of: Cotton

39. which of following sites of Pakistan in world’s heritage list: Mohnjodoro, Takht-e-bhai

40. Poetess Haba khatoon was from: Kashmir

41.With present population growth rate Pak will become 3rd most populated country by: 2025

42.Birr is currency of Ethopia

43. Daily food requirement for a young man per day recommended by UN is:2200 Calories’

44.Brain of Computer is: CPU

45.Chairman all party hurriyat conference in occupied Kashmir, Maulvi Abbas Ansari is head of: Ithadul Muslimeen

46. Which of the following disease is fully eradicated from world in 1998: Small Pox

47. Rigu is the capital of Latvia

48. Annual income is: anual income of citizens of a country

49.The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance was promulgated in: 1999

50. Which district of Punjab has lowest population density: dg khan’
Iltihadul Muslimeeni
i Latvia’

72. Edward College is in: Peshawar

73. Headquarter of WHO is at: Geneva

74. UNICEF supported which program in 1982-86:

75. Khanki Headworks is on: Chenab

76. HIV disease was first identified in: 1980

77. Lowest infant mortality rate is in: Norway

78. First spacecraft to moon was Apollo II

79. “Horticulture” is a science of cultivation flower, vegetables, fruits and plants etc.

80. Muslim Family Law was promulgated in:
(March 2, 19611

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