Procedure to become a CSS, officer

Procedure to become a CSS, officer: Hello, Guys today I am going to share some tips How to become CSS Officer. Many of us have dreamed of Being CSS officer but some we could not make the dream due to the financial problem or anything else. Now I give you some useful information about Central Superior Service of Pakistan. For this, I will give complete information about the competitive exam. This includes CSS and PMS exam. For this, you need to download the syllabus from FPSC  or PPSC  website. If you are from another province then concerned with their website. After syllabus, you have to choose the optional subject. After subject selection download and print the past paper. Here is the Complete detail of what the Procedure to become a CSS, officer.

Procedure to become a CSS, officer:-

Procedure to become a CSS, officer

Now select optional subject based on your aptitude, interest, academic background and scoring trend in the CSS recent years. Generally less opted subjects yield good marks but still, I would say it depends upon your aptitude, interest, background and scoring trends in the competitive exam.

Next, I tell you about the two major paper in which most of the student fail. Those two papers are English Essay and English precise.  For these two subject, I would suggest that you need to go to the individual teacher. For that find pet experience teacher. If you feel good yourself for the descriptive exam then you will do the task at yourself. Do not go any academy because it is only wastage of money and time. Concerned to the teacher for a time is not for all time and for all subjects. You can do some subjects on your own behalf. Now choose the optional subjects which contain 600 marks. Also, choose compulsory subjects which are 800 marks. Compulsory subjects are Essay, Precise,  Every day Science and General ability, Pakistan Affairs, Islamic Studies and Current Affairs.

Make a good choice of optional and start preparing optionally where you find constraint contact to some senior or academy but not for all time for all subjects. Get proper coaching of Essay and precise because these are the two paper in which most of the candidates fail. A student who belong to social sciences they need guidelines and those who are from engineering or science background then can easily prepare these subjects rather going to the academy. Keep concerting with seniors. In this way do the things step by step and one by one. Otherwise, ambitions will lead you to frustration. Further, I suggest you visit the official website of FPSC for advertisement, for syllabus, for past paper and everything related to the exam. One more thing I want to share with you do not waste your time on watching TV shows for the current affair. Read ready-made material from the market published by any good publisher. Also, read relevant article in various dailies especially in Dawn News. Do not pay attentions irrelevant thing created a different forum. Just focus on the course and dream of hard work. I wish you best of luck


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