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PTI Govt 100 days Socio-Economic rise for Poor

PTI Govt 100 days Socio-Economic rise for Poor file photo
PTI Govt 100 days Socio-Economic rise for Poor file photo

Prime Minister Imran Khan says the PTI government during its first 100 days has set a direction to change the country’s economy through effective policy initiatives in various areas.

He said that during the first 100 days of government, we did everything to follow the model of the state of Medina and the steps of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, who followed meditative and human-centered policies.

He said the government focused on the socio-economic rise of the poor and on the establishment of a non-corrupt society.

He said the authority would give general control over various poverty reduction programs to address the needs of the poor in housing, education, health and other areas.

The Prime Minister said that a Poverty Relief Authority would be launched shortly and that the income support program of Benazir, Zakat and Ushr, Bait-ul-Mal and other similar institutions would be included.

Referring to the measures taken by the PTI government in its first 100 days, the Prime Minister said that the FIA ​​was strengthened to combat money laundering and the agreements signed with twenty-six countries for information about looted money to share.

Imran Khan said that 350 billion rupees were land-restored as part of the anti-government invasion campaign, while the FIRs were hosted by the major shots involved in theft of energy.

The PTI government also granted land to build shelters for poor people in Rawalpindi and Lahore.

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