Punjab Govt. Plans to Set up Solar in over 15,000 Schools

Punjab Govt. Plans to Set up Solar in over 15,000 Schools

Punjab Govt. Plans to Set up Solar in over 15,000 Schools
Rows of solar panels in small solar power plant

Dr. Energy Minister Akhtar Malik told Punjab that Punjab government is planning solar systems more than 15,000 schools.

The seminar was held jointly by Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) and Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA).

The minister said the net measurement was a critical need in the country and added: “We can launch our energy crisis systems to overcome net measurement,” the country has a lot of sunlight throughout the year and has great potential. as an energy source. In the first phase, the government will target schools that do not have electricity.

He added, the previous government was criticized by the minister for not using natural resources and argued that the use of foreign imports instead of local resources for bribe development projects. Malik said the coal was imported to be used in the Sahiwal energy project, when local coal could be used to make small technical changes.

He Said, Government will work with two private banks to increase the use of net measurement; The banks will cover 75% of the cost and the rest will be covered by the consumer. To encourage people, 5 million residential units can be switched to solar power, he added.

He noted that 800,000 kW was generated by net measurement in Germany and added that the government is planning to build an eight-storey building in Lahore only by solar power. Khwaja Baddar Munir, vice president of Multan Chamber of Commerce and others, was also present.

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