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Purchase Of Banaspati Ghee Disallow In Pakistan By 2020.


The government has decided to impose a general ban on the manufacture, sale and purchase of Banaspati ghee in Pakistan by 2020.

After the decision, all factories that produce vegetable fat will be sealed in July next year.

The measure was made after several medical reports that revealed that banaspathy is extremely dangerous to human health.

Purchase Of Banaspati Ghee Disallow In Pakistan By 2020.

According to one report, there are 97 registered banaspatia factories in the country that employ approximately 100,000 workers.

If the decision is fully implemented, it is feared that a large number of people will be affected.

However, the manufacturers of banaspati ghee have had enough time to introduce new products and change their current configuration.

Reports found that banaspathy contains a high amount of sulfur, trans fatty acid, palmitic acid and nickel.

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These ingredients can cause lethal diseases such as obesity, diabetes, mental illness, heart disease and cancer.

In early 2017, a scientific panel of the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) also recommended banning such factories. The board has reduced the amount of trans fatty acids by up to 0.5 percent for the banasyma produced by the factories over the next three years and completely halts the production of artificial ghee by 2020.

The production and sale of banaspati ghee has already been banned in the developed world.

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